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March 28, 2013

Gravis Marketing is a Political Polling Firm specializing in Market Research

We Offer Automated Telephone Surveys, Live Phone Polls, and Web Surveys

Public polling is an essential element of any campaign. The goal of a candidate is to hear the voters and respond to the issues that concern them with acceptable solutions. If a candidate does not understand their audience they cannot deliver a solution or respond to voter concerns effectively.

In today’s fast paced environment political views and opinions change rapidly, therefore having a pulse on what voters are thinking will give a candidate the edge during the intense election season. With voters communicating and voicing their thoughts and opinions in so many different channels, campaigns are struggling to find cost effective ways to hear voters.

Gravis marketing specializes to reaching out to voters and determining what issues are most important to them through political polling. This gives you the opportunity to address issues so voters can connect with your message. When voters feel connected and heard they show their support with votes on Election Day.

Ways Gravis Marketing Can Help

  • Identify key voter issues
  • Provide automated telephone polling
  • Conduct live market research surveys
  • Professional call center staffing
  • Consulting to set up your political polling network
  • Data Analysis

Our tailor-made research solutions will give you the edge during your campaign. Today voters are comfortable giving their opinion. They tweet and Instagram their thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. As a result voters want more than ever before to be heard. They need to be reached via the communication channels they are most comfortable with.

As a leading industry specialist, we maintain current systems that reach out to voters and gather unbiased opinions that will help to direct your campaign. Gravis phone surveys and political polling systems allows you to get an unbiased view of the public’s opinions on social and political issues.

These surveys gather information and opinions on voters’ top concerns and which issues matter when it comes to selecting a candidate to support. This information gives candidates a glimpse of how constituents plan to vote. By involving the public in the political process you increase the likelihood they will go to the polls on Election Day and support your platform.

Understanding voters needs will enable you to craft the most effective message that will resonate with voters.

Benefits of Automated Polling  and Telephone Survey Software 

  • Specially developed and designed to be effective and efficient.
  • Cutting edge technology is used to deliver the political Robocall surveys that are consistent in the questions asked, the tone and the voice ensuring all respondents are given the same information, spoken in the same way, creating unbiased results.
  • The most cost-effective survey method offering a savings of up to 80% of the cost of using live call center agents.
  • Ability to target specific demographics, which provides information for a more micro targeted campaign.
  • Ability to capture key voter issues and target your marketing message according to voter responses.

Market research is the key to giving you the advantage in your campaign. It enables you to find which areas are important to voters and to customize your campaign platform to reach those voters on the issues that matter to them.

Ongoing political polling is essential to monitor the voter climate as well as your performance in delivering the message you have crafted. During a campaign it is necessary to repeat polls on a consistent and regular basis. Voter opinions can shift quickly due to many outside factors like breaking news stories or current events. With a 24 hour media, new issues arise frequently and stories can surface that shift popular opinion. As the candidate it is critical to stay on top of these shifts and respond promptly to them, in order to gain voter trust and respect.

The best part is, our political polling, public opinion polls, and market research solutions come at the lowest prices—guaranteed! Find a similar service for less? Let us know, and we’ll see it beat by at least 10%.   Contact Gravis Marketing today at 1-800-371-3129 or 1- 407-454-8600 to discover how our call center services can fulfill your campaign needs. Our professional representatives are standing by to provide a FREE consultation! Gravis conducts phone surveys, automated polls, and live polling worldwide. 

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