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February 26, 2013

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Automated Phone Surveys and IVR Telephone Polls

Hosted IVR  software, (IVR) technology helps reduce staffing costs and volunteer hours by allowing callers the ability to accomplish repetitive tasks at the lowest possible price. Generate outbound calls and our system delivers a recorded message allowing an immediate connection to a live person.

 (Press 1 To Say Yes!)

Hosted IVR software allows you to design options for live callers and for answering machines:  A live caller can Press “1″ for more information immediately.   An answering machine will receive a message with a phone number to contact.

(Press 1 To Leave a Recorded Message!)

Patch Through Phone Calls

With Hosted IVR Software you now have the ability for respondents to leave a message too.  Create your outbound message and provide for them to leave a live message!  Automated messages can be compiled and sent to important decision makers such as senators, representatives and governors.  A real voice has the ability to make your calls a personal outreach.

Industries that Benefit from  Hosted IVR Software:

*  Non Profits  *  Schools  *  Churches  *  Political Campaigns  *  City and State Governments  *  Customer Services  *  Polling and Surveys  *  Collections  *  Merchants and Payment Processing  *  Call Centers Routing and Forwarding

Why Should You Use Automated Phone Calls and Hosted IVR Software?

  • Call routing saves your client time and unnecessary frustration because there is no human error
  • Conduct Automated telephone surveys and market research
  • Multiple functions can be handled with one call with options to speak with a representative along the way
  • Integrate your IVR system with internal applications to improve your call center operations
  • Get valuable feedback from customers and voters from surveys.
  • Advanced call routing options allows accessibility to your campaign or business
  • Streamline and improve campaign management and office efficiency.
  • Customer can either speak or press buttons to achieve their goals. 

Gravis Hosted IVR software  allow you to call individuals to answer questions without human intervention. Callers respond to questions by either pressing phone keys that Gravis provides back to you for analysis and cross tabs.

All polled individuals can  receive the same question presented using a recorded message or randomized questions and answers. This eliminates bias . an IVR poll  costs significantly less then a traditional telephone survey

Why do campaigns and businesses of all types and sizes use hosted IVR software technology?

It’s simple — Hosted IVR Software saves money and time.  They can give the caller all the information they are looking for but have saved the expense of training and hiring employees and volunteers.

Hosted IVR Software is the perfect tool for telephone polls and market research.  Your outgoing message contains the telephone surveys and respondents can respond on the phone — nothing to mail back.    For those interested in volunteering, donating or putting up a yard sign, there is the press “0″ option to speak to a representative. Let us help you explore the possibilities!

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