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Virginia Election Poll

Executive Summary Winter Springs, Fla. – Based on a recent survey seeking the opinions of 1,728 registered voters in Virginia on the upcoming presidential race, the governor’s race, gay conversion therapy, and other issues – it appears that Virginia is likely to become a hotly contested state for both political parties as results were extremely

Florida General Election Poll, Marijuana, and Trans Bathroom

State of Florida registered voters showing disapproval of Florida GOP political leaders and presumptive Presidential nominees according to recent Gravis Marketing survey.   Winter Springs, Fla. – As the primary season begins to wrap up and the US General Election less than six months away, State of Florida voters appear dissatisfied with current state political leaders and

Current Indiana Polling

Executive Summary – Current Indiana Poll Results – May 2nd, 2016 Email Marketing You Can Trust Winter Springs, Fla. – Even after a five-for-five shut out victory for Donald J. Trump in last Tuesday’s primaries, the pathway to 1,237 delegates is still not a 100 percent lock for the GOP Presidential Nomination. Indiana voters will have