Web Based Auto Dialer

April 19, 2014

How A Web Based Auto dialer Works

All too often, a call center for polls and marketing have too many agents idling away minutes every hour waiting for the web based auto dialer software to connect them with a new call. Single number power dialers working their way through a targeted marketing list or polling schedule are thorough, never missing a number and are great for pulling call data. However, since they only handle one number at a time, the auto dialer may be the most inefficient part of your operation. By using a predictive dialing system, not only do you maintain the thoroughness of a single number telemarketing dialer but you add predictive analysis routines designed to reduce the wasted minutes an agent sits idle.

Why Web Based Auto Dialer Software?

With a predictive VOIP dialer, mathematics and psychology have been brought into play to create an algorithm to improve consistent connectivity. This, in turn, creates a production environment designed to keep agents busier, more effective and more efficient which means you are spending less money for the information you’re looking for or for the derivative sales you need. While predictive sales dialers work much the same way as a traditional telephone dialer, there are some important differences.

For instance, based on information procured through data analysis for your area or for your targeted audience, a baseline number of average calls answered per calls made can give you a baseline for your auto dialer algorithm. If one call is answered for every four calls made, the predictive dialing software can dial four numbers each time an agent comes free. This increases the odds that an agent will receive a new call as soon as one is completed increases dramatically.

Another way a predictive dialing system increases marketing efforts is by using the timing aspect of calls. As an example., if the average call for an agent lasts 90 seconds, a new calling attempt by a dialing system will begin the new round of calls at 80 seconds. This reduces the cycle time between calls, virtually eliminating the lag time agents have to cope with during a session. According to Douglas Samuelson in the article titled “Predictive Dialing For Outbound Telephone Call Centers”, a good autodialer can increase agent productivity from 40 minutes per hour (66% productivity) to as much as 57 minutes per hour (95% productivity).


Stand-Alone Or Hosted Web Based Auto Dialer Software?

Using a web-based or hosted predictive dialer system reduces hardware costs while maintaining the same levels of productivity on a per agent basis. A stand-alone phone dialing system requires both custom hardware and software which can add avoidable expenses. Using a VoIP dialer or hosted solution you will further reduce costs if your business already uses internet connectivity as a main pipeline for polling or sales.

While a stand-alone solution used to be a great solution for most businesses, with the advent of the internet and the reduced costs of VoIP telephony and the flexibility of today’s computing systems, a hosted solution is much more effective. Virtually every business today is using the internet in one way or another, even if it is for simple email communications. Some businesses are internet-saturated with websites, cloud computing and social media integration which means migrating from a stand-alone dialing system to a hosted VoIP system only makes economical sense.

In today’s economy and with privacy and civil liberty issues, taking advantage of the benefits of predictive dialing can increase your call throughput while increasing efficiency levels for all agents. You’ll also be able to reduce costs on a per agent basis as well as on the overall costs of your polling or marketing campaign. If you’re looking at a telephone based marketing or polling campaign, a VOIP

dialer solution will be in your future.

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