Automated Phone Calls

April 11, 2013

Get your Message OUT with political automated phone calls.

Gravis Marketing has a targeted and highly-efficient method thanks to our Automated Calls powered through The Gravis Hosted Outbound Dialer.

Our IVR Technology allows campaigns of any size to contact ANY sized group using automated phone calls that clearly articulate your message – and can be highly customized to reach ANY voting or donor segment. We all know that manual dialing is expensive and time consuming — this is why we offer Gravis Marketing state of the art automated calling software that will move you ahead of the competition and get your message out!

Use Automated Calling For:

  • Political campaigns, advocacy and special issues, voter registration and last minute get out the vote efforts.
  • Customized polling, informing voters about upcoming town hall meetings or special events.
  • Capturing donations for non-profit organizations, charities, special events
  • Safety alerts, school and business closings, last minute information, events and more…

We have made the automated phone call process so simple through use of the Gravis Marketing automated phone call software.  Simply provide us with a list (or order a list) and record your message.  In minutes, you will have made thousands of professional calls ready to use for any sized campaign.

Gravis’ Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) technology helps reduce staffing costs and volunteer hours by allowing callers the ability to accomplish repetitive tasks at the lowest possible price.  Generate outbound calls and our system delivers a recorded message allowing an immediate connection to a live person.

Industries that Benefit from Hosted IVR Software:

  • Non Profits
  • Schools
  • Political Campaigns
  • City and State Governments
  • Corporations & Small Business
  • Customer Services & Call Centers
  • Political Polling and Surveys
  • And many more…

Why Should You Use Automated Phone Calls and Hosted IVR Software?

  1. Call routing saves your client time and unnecessary frustration because there is no human error
  2. Conduct Automated telephone surveys and market research
  3. Multiple functions can be handled with one call with options to speak with a representative along the way
  4. Integrate your IVR system with internal applications to improve your call center operations
  5. Get valuable feedback from customers and voters from surveys.
  6. Advanced call routing options allows accessibility to your campaign or business
  7. Streamline and improve campaign management and office efficiency.
  8. Customer can either speak or press buttons to achieve their goals.

Robo-CallsHosted IVR Software is the perfect tool for telephone polls and market research.  Your outgoing message contains the telephone surveys and respondents can respond on the phone — nothing to mail back.  Our automated telephone solutions are always customized to help your campaign achieve the best results.

Our mission is to help your campaign achieve the results you expect. Call Gravis Marketing today at 1-800-371-3129 or 1- 407-454-8600 to discover how our call center services can fulfill your campaign needs. Our professional representatives are standing by to provide a FREE consultation. CONTACT US ONLINE TODAY to learn more.

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