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President Trump Leads in North Carolina OAN Gravis Poll

President Donald Trump holds a 3-point edge in North Carolina over Joe Biden according to a poll conducted by Gravis Marketing for One America News Network. The margin is similar to the 3.7 points Trump carried the state by in 2016 and the 2 points Mitt Romney carried it by in 2012. In the Senate race, incumbent Republican Thom Tillis narrowly leads Cal Cunningham 46%-45% and incumbent Democratic Governor Roy Cooper is tied with Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest at 46%.  The good news for the Democratic ticket may be that the undecideds in these polls are disproportionately moderate and liberal as well as under the age of 50.

The poll largely finds positive approval ratings in North Carolina of elected officials.  The poll finds Trump at 52%-45%, Cooper at 53%-42% and Tillis at 53%-37%.  The only negative approval rating found was of Senior Republican Senator Richard Burr at 37%-44%. Burr has recently faced an investigation over stock sales.

Beyond Trump’s 3-point edge in the state, voters trust him to handle the economy better than Biden by a 49%-43% margin.  Voters are split over preventing further violent riots in American cities.  Voters also have a negative view of recent riots saying that rioting is not an effective way to change policy by a 68%-18% margin. Blame for recent riots is seen as more on the protestors (50%) than police (32%).  There is also strong support for activating the National Guard to prevent further rioting (53%-33%).   The poll also finds broad support for the police (78%-10%) and 75%-11% support for continuing to fund the police.

Registered voters in North Carolina are broadly supportive (79%-12%) of coronavirus related travel restrictions from certain countries. There is also a prevalent belief among voters (by a 67%-20% margin) that had China taken earlier steps to mitigate the coronavirus that the United States would have been affected to a lesser extent.

This poll was conducted by Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan telephone townhall, research and data firm. This poll of 631 registered voters in North Carolina was conducted on June 17th and has a margin of error of ±3.9%. This survey was conducted using interactive voice responses and an online panel of cell phone users.  This poll was paid for by One America News Network.  Results are weighted by voting demographics.  Questions can be directed to the managing partner of Gravis Marketing, Doug Kaplan.

POLL RESULTS President Trump Leads in North Carolina OAN Gravis PollGravis Marketing

Gravis Marketing Receives Top Marks in People’s Pundit Daily Scorecard

Winter Springs, Fla. – People’s Pundit Daily, the most accurate 2014 election projection model on the Internet, recently released the first round of grades for the PPD Pollster Scorecard; with Gravis Marketing capturing top marks in their professional analysis. Headquartered in Winter Springs, Fla., Gravis Marketing was the only robo-calling firm on the PPD Pollster Scorecard and captured an overall A- grade based on a complex system of ratings that considers a pollster’s responsiveness, transparency, methodologies, as well as their ability to get in front of trends (or movement) that other pollsters either miss or end up being slower to the roll.

Gravis Marketing, a relative newcomer in political polling; came on the national polling scene in 2012. The Florida-based pollster quickly proved their home state advantage when they bucked the polling trend and published final polling results surprisingly favorable to President Obama. Gravis outperformed 3 of 4 of the final surveys in the Sunshine State, which showed Romney with a 1- to 6-point lead.

“Gravis and other pollsters who robocall respondents have faced considerable skepticism from pundits and other pollsters,” PPD’s senior political analyst Rich Baris stated. “But they have undoubtedly proven their critics wrong, including me. Doug Kaplan and Co. are transparent, responsive and able to boast more accurate polling results in pivotal races than more-often cited, so-called reliable firms.”

Baris says he has been keeping a particularly close eye on Gravis Polls, which correctly called the North Carolina Senate race between incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., and now-Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., in their final survey of the 2014 contest. While the Fox Poll, CNN/Opinion Research Poll, and YouGov all gave Hagan the edge in their final surveys, Gravis understated Tillis’ support by just 0.7%.

“Kaplan’s firm caught what turned out to be real, last-minute shift toward Tillis when no other pollster even came close,” Baris added. “In Arkansas, other competing election models were still favoring incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor over now-Sen. Tom Cotton when PPD pushed back and argued that was wholly unrealistic. Gravis was not only in line with that correct assessment but was also the first to show Cotton breaking the ever-important 50% threshold. More recently, it was slow-going over the summer as far as catching on to Donald Trump’s surge in the crowded Republican field. Not for Gravis.”

Gravis Marketing is an award-winning public relations firm with a clientele including political campaigns, public affairs organizations, consultants, and nonprofit organizations across the globe. Founded in 2010 by Doug Kaplan, Gravis Marketing has quickly become an industry leader in innovative turnkey campaign advertising and marketing solutions specializing in innovative call center technologies in a very short period of time.

“We’re extremely happy to be regarded as one of the top political polling firms in the United States,” stated Doug Kaplan; the President of Gravis Marketing. “One of the best comments from Mr. Baris was that he was impressed with our firm’s dedicated to transparency. That’s been a hallmark of our business model since our inception. Our goal is to integrate this same professionalism into every aspect of our business; ensuring our clients receive nothing short of professionalism and perfection with every service we provide. We’re looking forward to a very competitive 2016 general election and look forward to providing our clients and the American voters with factual data so they can make informed decisions.”

Donald J. Trump with President Ronald W. Reagan (Courtesy)

New Hampshire poll: Bush leads GOP field, Trump moves into top-tier status

by Neil W. McCabe


The son of 41 and brother of 43 opened up a clear lead in a crowded GOP field, according to the June 2-3 Howie Carr Show/Gravis poll of 487 Republican Primary voters.


Former Florida governor John E. “Jeb” Bush was the choice of 21 percent of respondents, who said they intended to vote in the Feb. 8 Republican New Hampshire Primary, said Doug Kaplan, the managing partner of Gravis Insights, the Florida-based company that conducted the poll. The poll carries a margin of error of 4 percent.

“Jeb Bush has advantages going into the New Hampshire primary,” said Kaplan. “His family has a well-known compound at Walker’s Point, just over the line in Maine, and his family has strong roots in New England.”

Watch John E. “Jeb” Bush in New Hampshire

Bush has name recognition in the state, too, he said. “His father won the 1988 primary against Bob Dole, but his brother lost in 2000–and his father lost disastrously in 1980–still, a Bush has been on the primary ballot six times since 1980.” George W. Bush lost to Arizona Sen. John S. McCain III in 2000 and in 1980 George H. W. Bush lost to Ronald W. Reagan.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott K. Walker and Kentucky Sen. Randal H. “Rand” Paul follow Bush at 13 percent each and New York City businessman Donald J. Trump was the choice of 12 percent, Kaplan said.

“The race in New Hampshire and in other states has become between Bush and Not-Bush,” he said. “Walker is the strongest of the Not-Bush, but he is competing against nine or 10 or more other candidates.”

Kentucky Sen. Randal H. "Rand" Paul (Courtesy)

Kentucky Sen. Randal H. “Rand” Paul (Courtesy)

Paul is also strong, he said. “This poll caught Senator Paul’s bounce from his filibuster against Patriot Act, which on top of the good will he started with from his father, former Texas congressman Ron Paul puts him at the top of the Not-Bush pack.”

Trump is a serious candidate and has real support, Kaplan said.

“In the large field of Republican candidates, it has been difficult to decide which candidates to include,” he said. “But, Trump has taken serious steps towards an actual campaign and his personality resonates with voters.”

Among voters from households with firearms, Bush leads with 22 percent, followed by Trump 13 percent; Walker, 12 percent; Paul, 11 percent and Florida Sen. Marco A. Rubio at 9 percent.

Among Pro-Life voters, Bush again leads with 18 percent. Walker is the second choice of Pro-Life voters, followed by Paul, 10 percent with former Arkansas governor Michael D. Huckabee and surgeon Benjamin S. Carson tied at 9 percent.

Among the Tea Party voters, the leader is Texas Sen. R. Edward “Ted” Cruz, who is the choice of 18 percent. The other top candidates are: Paul and Walker tied at 13 percent, Huckabee at 12 percent and Carson at 9 percent.

Gravis Marketing Political Poll

Sen. R. Edward “Ted” Cruz (R.-Texas)

Note: Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research firm, conducted a random telephone survey of 487 Republican Primary voters in New Hampshire on June 3 – 4, 2015. The poll has a margin of error of ± 4%. Results may not sum to 100% because of rounding. The poll was conducted using IVR technology, with the results weighted by anticipated voting demographics.

If the New Hampshire Republican Primary for President was held today and the candidates were Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, and Ben Carson, Who would you vote for?
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Would you support immigration reform that included a pathway to citizenship for those living in the country illegally?
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How likely is a candidate’s immigration policies likely to influence your vote?
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Do you believe the U.S. is doing enough to fight radical Islamic terrorism in the Middle East?
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Would you support deploying additional ground troops to the Middle East in order to fight Islamic State terrorists?
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The following questions are for demographic purposes.
What is your Party affiliation?
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Do you or anyone in your family own a gun or firearm?
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What race do you identify yourself as?
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Which of the following best represents your religious affiliation?
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What is the highest level of education have you completed?
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How old are you?
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What is your gender?
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Gravis Marketing is one of the leading political advertising agencies and marketing firms in North America.  Gravis provides a virtual predictive dialer, voter lists, and political direct mail.

Gravis Marketing Polls Accurately Predicted Most US Senate Races

logoWinter Springs, Fla. – November 12, 2014 – Trying to capture an accurate pulse of a highly diverse voting segment is not an exact science. However, the folks at Gravis Marketing seem to have the ‘secret sauce’ once again as several of their US Senate polling of the 2014 mid-term elections were not only correct – they were accurate; predicting margins of victory for several candidates that will be joining the US Senate officially in January of 2015.

Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan political research and public relations firm launched in 2010 and based in Winter Springs, Fla. has quickly established a solid reputation for delivering accurate results with their polling data. Gravis Marketing was the recipient of the 2013 American Association of Political Consultants Award for 2012 Presidential Primary domestic and international phone calls; primarily based on the success of their polling during that hotly contested election.

Gravis Marketing founder Doug Kaplan and his team has fine-tuned the polling strategy– by making significant improvements to the team and processes that have allowed them to accurately predict several political results in 2014.

“It’s refreshing to know that the changes we made at the end of 2012 have paid dividends in 2014,” noted Kaplan, who also accurately predicted the demise of the State of Florida’s Constitutional Medical Marijuana Amendment back in February 2014 while most other polls had the legislation passing with overwhelming support. “Our polling is completed different than most as we integrate facts – not opinion or spin with the polling questions and voting demographics polled.”

“With this election, we began to see a fundamental shift from Democratic support to Republican support as early as February 2014 in several states including Maryland, Colorado, North Carolina and Iowa. However, in the end, to be as accurate as our polls were is conclusive proof that our polling technology and data works.”

In three states where the majority of polls showed Democratic victories in the US Senate, Gravis Marketing accurately predicted Republican victories – however the margin of victory in these polls is what separates Gravis’ polling.

In Colorado, Gravis Marketing’s final poll completed on October 16th, 2014 showed Republican Cory Gardner capturing 48 percent support, defeating Democrat incumbent Senator Mark Udall by five points (with nine percent of the polling segment still undecided and a margin of error of plus / minus three points). In the end, Gardner received 48 percent support and won the election by two percentage points.

In Iowa, Gravis polling completing on October 21st showed Republican candidate Jodi Ernst winning the Senate seat with a comfortable margin of 49 percent support over Bruce Braley’s 43 percent (with eight percent still unsure of their vote.) Once again, they accurately predicted the margin of victory within their margin of error, with Ernst capturing 52 percent to Braley’s 44 percent support.

Finally, in North Carolina, Gravis Marketing was on the right side of the hotly contested Thom Tillis versus Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan. However, in this case, they were nearly dead-on accurate, predicting that the Republican candidate Tillis would capture 47 percent of the vote and defeat Hagen by a very narrow one percentage point margin. In the end – Tillis captured 48 percent and won by two points.

“I think that these results prove that our automated calling polling does not skew to conservatives as others have suggested in the past,” stated Kaplan. “We’ve worked very hard to fine-tune our polling methods and science, but as we progress, we are also beginning to integrate better tools and technology that will vastly improve our efficiency and provide even more accurate data for campaigns. The intent of polling in any vertical is to gather accurate data so that you can fine-tune your message to effectively reach your target audience. Spinning polling or only targeting segments that enhance an agenda isn’t accurate. Although our methods might not fall into lock-step with traditional polling – our results speak for themselves; and we’re very proud of that.”

To learn more about Gravis Marketing, please visit their website at

About Gravis Marketing

Gravis Marketing has quickly established itself as a pioneer and leader in marketing solutions in multiple verticals. Founded in 2010 by Doug Kaplan, a veteran of public relations and political consultation services across the globe for several years, Gravis Marketing has rapidly become a dependable brand that political campaigns can trust to help effectively target, reach and capture more support.

In the past four years, Gravis Marketing has retained multiple awards in political polling and marketing research services. Working with leading political campaigns, public affairs organizations, businesses and non-profit organizations, it has become a primary mission of their company to always customize a solution to fit the individual needs and budget of every client they serve.

Gravis Political Consulting Debuts with Successful Election Results

Gravis Marketing - Predictive Dialer - Robocalls - Political MarketingWinter Park, Fla. – Gravis Political Consulting – a division of Gravis Marketing based in Winter Park Florida debuted with outstanding results – placing five out of six political clients in the winner’s circle during the November 4th, 2014 mid-term election. And since this represented the first year of providing political campaign consulting services, Gravis Marketing founder Doug Kaplan is extremely impressed with the success generated in this year’s election.

Since 2010 Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan political research firm that has revolutionized IVR Telephone Automated Phone Calling software, has quickly established a solid reputation for delivering positive results for their political campaign clients. Their expanded voter marketing services, combined with Kaplan’s years of political and marketing experience convinced the powers that be at Gravis Marketing to launch a new political consulting division – focusing the majority of their initial efforts in Southern Florida, near their Winter Park headquarters.

“This was the first year that we expanded our political marketing services to include direct political consultation, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results,” noted Kaplan, who founded Gravis Marketing in 2010. “We worked with Jeff Bauer’s school board campaign; and although we were outspent by a ratio of two-to-one, we won by more than five percentage points. We also captured success with judicial races in the 18th circuit court with Nancy Maloney and George Paulk and helped Scott Plakon and Bob Cortes in their successful bids to the Florida State Legislator. To say we had a great beginning would be an understatement.”

Many of today’s leading political consultants receive their communication, voter data and political polling tools directly from Gravis Marketing. In fact, in 2012 when Newt Gingrich’s campaign was looking for a company to make calls on Christmas Eve to organize an event.  Gravis Marketing was the only company they could find available to get the job done.

Each of their political consultant services focus on understanding the voice of the voters and then crafting and delivering a message that voters will connect. It was their dedication to producing quality results, along with the growing positive impact of large-volume automated IVR Technology phone calling systems that allowed 83 percent of their political consultation clients to capture victories in highly competitive races.

“One thing that really stood out in this year’s mid-term elections was the positive impact that our IVR Automated Phone Calls had on several state campaigns,” stated Kaplan. “When Karl Rove was on Fox News talking about how several Republican campaigns in Colorado and other states were able to make millions of phone calls in order to get out the vote – that really made our team feel great. We’ve worked very hard in the past four years fine-tuning our political marketing services. We tested our political consulting services here locally, and with an 83 percent rate of success in our first year – I’d say it was a positive sign of our capabilities. We are definitely ready to expand our services abroad as the 2016 elections quickly approach.”

 To learn more about Gravis Marketing’s political consultation services that can be customized to fit the needs and budget of each individual campaign, visit their website @

About Gravis Marketing

Gravis Marketing has quickly established itself as a pioneer and leader in marketing solutions in multiple verticals. Founded in 2010 by Doug Kaplan, a veteran of public relations and political consultation services across the globe for several years, Gravis Marketing has rapidly become a dependable brand that political campaigns can trust to help effectively target, reach and capture more support.

In the past four years, Gravis Marketing has retained multiple awards in political polling and marketing research services. Working with leading political campaigns, public affairs organizations, businesses and non-profit organizations, it has become a primary mission of their company to always customize a solution to fit the individual needs and budget of every client they serve.