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Exponential Voter Engagement Technology

Since 2010, Gravis Marketing has become a top consulting firm and a leader in communication technology, campaign management, and strategy – all areas that successful consultants possess. We infuse all aspects of our business model to produce turn-key consulting services that assist you in maneuvering the media minefield to achieve the best results.

We specialize in voter engagement solutions, campaign strategy and campaign ideas. Introducing Exponential Voter Engagement Technology (EVET). The benefits you can expect to receive from of such a technology include:

  • Multiply your Direct Mail Engagements
  • Multiply your Text Message engagements
  • Multiply your Yard Sign Engagements
  • Enable your supporters to expand your reach
  • Greatly reduce your overall cost to engage voters

Traditionally each of these factors is brought to a campaign by specialists or campaign managers who have vast experience in each service they provide. But, how great would it be to find an experienced campaign manager and campaign strategist that has the knowledge and resources to provide all of these consulting services – at one affordable price?

After we have helped define a target audience of potential voters, our detailed marketing research and polling data provide information on the demographic you have targeted and help establish how voters feel about hot topics and their opinions on important issues. Gravis Marketing Polling and Market Research data allows you to streamline this critical step so you can plan how to manage a campaign effectively.

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