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Recording Instructions

To record your robocall, dial 321-558-1313

Follow the prompts and note the 5 digit tracking code given at the beginning of the message:

  1. Press “1”

  2. Enter folder number for your account representative or zero (0) for a general message

  3. Press “5” and begin recording your message

  4. Once complete press “#”

  5. Write down your 5 digit code

  • Press “1”to accept your message and end call

  • Press “2” to listen to your message,

  • Press “3” to re-record

  • Press “4” to accept and start a new recording

  • Press “9” to replay your 5-digit code.

Write down the 5 digit code and email it to your Gravis Representative with the date and time you would like this particular recording to be broadcasted.

You may also record a separate message for calls that are picked up by answering machines. Please let your Gravis Representative know if you would like to add this service to your package.