Florida Public Opinion Survey – Governor’s Race Tight … AG Interesting … Marijuana Inconsistent

Gravis Research By Gravis Research February 3, 2014

Public Opinion Survey Of Florida Voters

Gravis Marketing conducted a random public opinion survey of 808 registered voters in Florida between 1/30/14 and 1/31/14 regarding support for the proposed Constitutional Amendment legalizing medical marijuana on the ballot in November 2014 and the upcoming Gubernatorial and Attorney General elections. The results have a margin of error of ±4.


Respondents of the public opinion survey revealed that the race between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott remains a dead heat, with 47% of polled voters for Charlie Crist, 44% for Rick Scott, 3% for Adrian Wyllie, and 6% undecided. Currently unsure voters could certainly decide this race.

Gov 1Attorney General

When surveyed about the Attorney General race voters indicated that if the election for Attorney general were held today, 45% would vote for Pam Bondi, while 36% stated they would vote for Perry Thurston and only 6% stated they would cast a vote for Bill Wohlsifer. With George Sheldon added to the questionnaire in pace of Perry Thurston, Bondi’s support diminished to 44%, while 36% of voters expressed support for George Sheldon; Wohlifser’s take diminished to 4% and unsure voters increased from 12% to 16%.

The bottom line is that the Attorney General’s race will likely be a three-way contest with Bondi holding a cushion over Thurston and Sheldon, and a significant amount of unsure voters could potentially tighten up the race.

AG1ag2Medical Marijuana

The data from the the public opinion survey indicate a modest majority of support for the amendment to legalize medical marijuana, with a notable amount of uncertainty. Support for the amendment appears to diminish as the issue of legality for medical purposes touches on more permissive and unregulated uses beyond the language of the Amendment.

When polled regarding their broad support for the amendment, a modest majority, 57% of the voters who took the public opinion survey, indicated general support for the Amendment while 31% expressed opposition and 11% indicated they were unsure of their position. This general support for the amendment was significantly affected when voters were asked to consider that the production and sale of marijuana is a violation of federal law with 54% indicating opposition 27% in support and 19% expressing uncertainty.

Public Opinion SurveysPublic Opinion surveyMM - caregiversMM - childrenMM - minor conditionsMM- legal in all casesMM- nonserious conditionsWhen voters were surveyed regarding whether medical marijuana should be made available for minor conditions only 46% indicated support. This support shrunk even more significantly when polled on whether children should be prescribed medical marijuana, with only 26% in support. Similarly when polled regarding the potential for medical marijuana to be administered by caregivers with substance abuse issues or previous criminal convictions only 25% showed support for the amendment.

Across all responses median voter uncertainty was at 11% with a minimum of 8% occurring on the lack of standards and requirements for caregivers administering medical marijuana to patients and a maximum of 19% on support being contingent on the production and sale of marijuana being a violation of Federal Law.

A presentation of the public opinion survey  follows.

If the election For Governor were held today, would you vote for Rick Scott, Charlie Crist, or Adrian Wyllie? Gov 1If the election for Attorney general were held today, 2ould vote for Pam Bondi, Perry Thurston or Bill Wohlsifer? AG1If the election for Attorney general were held today, would vote for Pam Bondi, George Sheldon or Bill Wohlsifer? ag2If the 2014 election were held today, how would you vote for the current amendment. Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions

BALLOT SUMMARY: Allows the medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating diseases as determined by a licensed Florida physician. Allows caregivers to assist patients’ medical use of marijuana. The Department of Health shall register and regulate centers that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes and shall issue identification cards to patients and caregivers. Applies only to Florida law. Does not authorize violations of federal law or any non-medical use, possession or production of marijuana.

Would you vote for or against the amendment?AmendmentAlthough supporters of medical marijuana claim that it will be limited to only the terminally ill or very sick, people who have minor conditions or illnesses would be able to get legal access to smoking marijuana. Knowing this, would you vote Yes or No on the amendment?MM - minor conditionsThe current medical marijuana amendment does not differentiate between children and adults. Children will be able to get access to medical marijuana without parental permission or without their knowledge. Knowing this, would you vote Yes or No on the amendment?MM - childrenSupporters of this amendment say that they are providing medical treatment to persons in need, but this amendment also authorizes caregivers to assist in medical marijuana use. There are no standards for caregivers and the language would permit drug addicts, drug dealers or felons to assist in smoking pot. Knowing this, would you vote Yes or No on the amendment?MM - caregiversIn your opinion, should it be legal or illegal for people with less serious conditions, like anxiety, non-chronic pain, or menstrual cramps to smoke marijuana? MM- nonserious conditionsDo you believe Marijuana should be legal in all cases?MM- legal in all casesWould you support the marijuana amendment if you knew that possession, sale and cultivation are in violation of federal law?

M - violation of federal statuteThe following questions are for demographic purposes.

What is your political party affiliation? partyAre you Hispanic?HispanicWhat race do you identify yourself as? Race Which of the following best represents your religious affiliation? Religious affiliationWhat is the highest level of education have you completed?

Education categoryHow old are you?Age Group What is your gender?

GenderNote: the public opinion survey was conducted using automated telephone and the results were weighed according to anticipated voting demographics characteristics. The margin of error is plus or minus 4%.