Gravis Marketing Florida Poll Results

Gravis Research By Gravis Research July 14, 2020

New polling from Gravis Marketing in a state President Trump narrowly carried in 2016 has former Vice President Joe Biden with a wide 10-point lead over President Trump. Biden’s lead is fueled by his 27-point advantage among independent voters.  Biden holds 86% of self-identified Democrats and Trump holds 83% of Republicans. Notably, Biden pulls over some voters who say they approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as President.  12% of those who somewhat approve and 11% of those who strongly approve of the president’s job performance chose Joe Biden in the ballot question. While Trump does take 22% of those who somewhat disapprove of his job performance, he only takes 1% of those who strongly disapprove. Overall, 49% of respondents indicate that they approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as President, while 51% disapprove and 1% indicate that they are uncertain.  (due to rounding, these numbers do not add up to 100%)

When asked about the job performance of Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, likely voters approve of his performance 50%-46%.  Junior Senator Rick Scott receives a 45%-46% approval rating and Marco Rubio is at 47%-42%. Approval ratings among self-identified independents only are 30%-70% for Trump, 37%-60% for DeSantis, 28%-56% for Scott and 30%-54% for Rubio. 

A series of questions on COVID-19 was asked in light of the recent surge in cases throughout the state of Florida.  56% of voters indicate that they believe Florida has been reopening “too quickly” while 27% say “just right” and only 11% indicate “too slowly.”  There is a partisan split in those who say that the state has reopened too quickly (77% of Democrats and 32% of Republicans) ad not quickly enough (5% of Democrats, 11% of independents, and 17% of Republicans).  When asked about the blame for the recent case surge, 33% blame President Trump, 21% blame Governor DeSantis, 24% blame protestors, 7% blame other local officials and 10% say “no one in particular.”

Voters in Florida are broadly in favor of a statewide mandate requiring that masks be worn in public.  73% support and 20% oppose such a measure. 87% of Democrats support a mandate as do 74% of independents and 59% of Republicans. 

This poll was conducted by Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research and data firm. This poll of 529 registered, likely voters in Florida was conducted on July 13th and has a margin of error of ±4.3%. This survey was conducted using interactive voice responses and an online panel of sms cell phone users This poll was not commissioned by any campaign committee or other organization and was paid for by Gravis Marketing.  Results are weighted by voting demographics.  Questions can be directed to the Gravis Research Team.

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