September 3, 2014


Gravis is a Nationally Respected Campaign Resource Firm

Voter Engagement Solutions = Winning Campaigns

When considering whom to work with about your upcoming election, consider all “services” firms to be the rented vehicles you ride in from today until election day. After all, after election day, you are done with the rental. You might as well rent the best vehicle within your budget you can afford.

You may want to drive this vehicle yourself or have a campaign manager do the driving but what all winning campaigns have in common is that they engage as early as possible with the best driving instructor they could find to guide them all the way.

A great rental has a navigator, enough gas to make the journey, and a good engine and transmission, new tires and brakes, and always makes an impressive appearance. Great services include the most current voter registration data, a responsive website and social media platform, a door-to-door system, live and digital outreach, direct mail, all manner of live and automated phone call services, and much more.

These services are just components and without the right mix, perfect coordination and timely and responsive messaging that each delivers to voters can cost way too much and fail to engage the most voters possible.

Now entering our 11th year helping candidates win, Gravis Marketing has a team of experienced and dedicated consultants who guide you through the best possible strategy to help you win. They are the best possible guides for campaigns looking for creative solutions within a sensible budget, often far less than our competitors.

Why? Two compelling reasons:

Much of our business comes from leading campaign consultants who only directly provide strategies. Since we handle most services in-house, Gravis Marketing is their one-stop campaign resource manager because of our proven excellence, experience, and timely execution. Now we can be your direct resource manager as well.

In the end, the return on your campaign investment should be evaluated on what it costs to actually engage a voter. For example, emails and robocalls are very inexpensive on a per-name basis but far more costly when measuring calls answered or emails opened. Live phone calls cost the most per name but deliver an impressive ROI, gather critical information, and motivate voters to engage with your campaign.

The right mix of services, executed in-house and coordinated across multi-media outreach can help you to win for the best overall value.

Filling out the form on the right provides the perfect starting point for your campaign, or you may chat with one of our experts right now.

logoOur political consulting services can be customized to fit your individual campaign needs and goals. Our advanced technology and leading-edge software provides Gravis Marketing political consultants with the resources to craft and execute your marketing message to reach the maximum number of potential voters.

Gravis Marketing Voter Lists

Gravis Marketing maintains accurate and up-to-date voter information and consumer lists from resources including: registered voter files, the national change of address database, interest groups and memberships. Our lists include phone numbers, addresses, emails and voter profiles that will assist you in developing customized messages that will resonate with your targeted audience.

Gravis Marketing Political Communication Tools

Gravis Marketing has integrated traditional voting communication strategies and infused 21st-century technology including:

  • Gravis Automated Political Robocalls and Telephone Calls– Record a political message and through automated calling services send the message in your voice to thousands of phone numbers.
  • Gravis Interactive Voice Recognition Software – Save money and staffing resources by using our software. Rather than staff members making individual calls, waiting for an answer and reaching a voter or leaving a message, IVR routes calls to either a live operator or recorded message, based on whether a voter picks up the phone or not.
  • Gravis Hosted Predictive Dialer – Increase the number of callers your staff and volunteers reach using Gravis Marketing’s software algorithm that automatically dials phone numbers and only connects those calls that are answered to your live operators.
  • Gravis Live Call Service Center – For campaigns that do not have the budget to staff a call center, Gravis Marketing provides full service call centers. They are staffed with professionally trained callers who understand the political climate during an election season. You provide the message, we will get it out.
  • Gravis Direct Mail, Email and Text Marketing –In order to reach the maximum number of voters, we provide both email and text marketing services, in addition to the traditional political direct mail marketing efforts.

Today’s successful campaigns are managed by professional political consulting firms that have the tools, knowledge, experience and resources to identify, target, and convert potential voters into solid votes. Gravis Marketing political consultants have this experience, the data and the tools – which allow us to offer an affordable solution to finding the right political consultants to manage your campaign. Contact our team at Gravis Marketing today to inquire about our Political Consultant Services. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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