Illinois Telephone Survey: Rauner Ahead and First Lady Michelle Obama Vs Senator Mark Kirk

Gravis Research By Gravis Research April 2, 2014

Telephone Survey Shows Bruce Rauner Ahead Of Pat Quinn

Illinois Telephone Surveys

Human Events and Gravis Marketing conducted a random telephone poll  by automated calls to landlines 806 registered Illinois voters regarding current events, including potential gubernatorial and senate candidates between March 21 and March 22. The telephone survey carries a margin of error of ± 3%.

In the wake of his victory in the Republican gubernatorial primary, Bruce Rauner currently holds a 43% to 35% advantage over sitting Governor Pat Quinn with 22% reporting uncertainty on the metric of candidate preference.

Respondents were also asked in the public opinion poll, “Do you approve or disapprove of Democrat Pat Quinn?” Based on these results Governor Quinn’s current approval ratings across all party affiliations rests at 33.1%. Independents provided the lowest approval numbers at 19.0%. Within his own party, a small majority of Democrats (56.2%) approved of the job Quinn was doing as Governor.  Regarding approval of candidate Bruce Rauner, 29.1% of respondents from all parties approved of him as a candidate with only 49.3% of Republicans indicating approval. Rauner’s approval ratings carry considerable uncertainty with 25.2% of Independents and 34.3% of Republicans expressing uncertainty.

Will First Lady Michelle Obama Run? FLOTUS Telephone Surveys

Respondents were asked “If the 2016 election for U.S. Senate or held today, And the candidates are senator Mark Kirk and First Lady Michelle Obama  who would you vote for?” Across all party identifiers, 47% stated a preference for Mark Kirk while 42% expressed a preference for First Lady, Michelle Obama.

President Obama’s Home State Approval

President Obama’s approval ratings in his home state were mixed in this latest telephone survey with only 46% approving of the work he is doing. Based on the poll results, the President appears to lack solid approval from Independents where 55.1% indicated they disapproved of his job performance.

Do approve or disapprove of President Obama’s Job Performance?telephone surveyDo you approve or disapprove of Democrat Pat Quinn?telephone surveysDo you approve or disapprove of Republican Bruce Rauner?rauner approval

If the election for Governor were held today, whom would you vote for?governorIf the 2016 election for U.S. Senate were held today, and the candidates were Senator Mark Kirk and First Lady Michelle Obama, whom would you vote for?senateThe following questions are for demographic purposes.

What is your political party affiliation?party

Are you Hispanic?hispanic

What race do you identify yourself as?race

Which of the following best represents your religious affiliation?religious affiliation

What is the highest level of education have you completed?education category

How old are you?age group

What is your gender?gender

Gravis Marketing is a non-partisan market research and advertising firm. This poll was conducted using automated phone calls, using a random sample of registered voters, who have voted in prior elections.  The telephone surveys are conducted by Gravis Marketing and Human Events.