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Gravis Marketing IP Targeting gives you the power to reach 100% of your target audience 100% of the time.  

Our systems can target down to the unique internet users within a specific household or business.  We match up the physical address, email and mobile phones to target by IP.  Such precise targeting enables us to to deliver extraordinarily relevant display banner ads and/or videos to everyone in your exact target every time they go online.  Only IP Targeting can serve your ad on most any website your target chooses to visit.  This allows us to offer you the highest quality ad placements on a wide range of websites at the lowest possible rates.  We offer the best possible match rates.

The result:  Always reach everyone you want to reach with the most relevant ads, at the most competitive rates, without any budget waste.  This translates into higher website traffic, more name or brand recognition, and an incredibly positive return on your marketing investment.

Why IP Targeted Marketing Brings You More Conversions

With IP Targeting, the internet can finally deliver on the promise of getting the right ad and/or video to the right person at the right time.  Here’s how!  At the right time, when the right person visits any one of the millions of websites in our vast network, it will trigger the system to display your ad.  That’s what makes the technology so revolutionary.

IP Targeting is the online equivalent of connecting face-to-face with each of your best prospects.  It gives you the unprecedented power to pinpoint real people in real time wherever they are on the web.  Then your highly personalized display ads are in front of everyone in your exact target every time they go online, and do it without revealing personally identifiable information.

Now you can target only your best prospects—the ones most likely to support, click and convert—and only pay when they view your ad.  Make every targeted impression and every marketing dollar count with IP Targeting.  

  #1 in service, creative design and report delivery

  Target down to the unique IP address within a household, business or school

  Deliver highly customized messages only to the people who matter most

  Market to real people without handling personally identifiable information

  Waste nothing, make every impression count by using the proper target list we provide

  Get the most out of your ad budget

  Score higher conversion rates including more sales/donations, support and clicks on your webpage

Contact us today to learn how IP Targeting can help you capture more sales with your display ads.