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Comprehensive Voter Lists in Louisiana – Detailed Voter Contact Information

Running a political campaign successfully begins and ends with organization. And when you’re managing hundreds of volunteers and paid consultants, finding easy and time consuming methods to capture critical Louisiana voting records is often the key to permit political campaigns to streamline their activation campaigns and arm them with powerful connection tools that clearly give them a competitive edge over opponents.

Gravis Marketing was built to provide you with these important tools. It’s our objective to provide you with the ability to fundraise, poll, survey and gain valuable insights into the thoughts of your voters; saving you time, money and resources.

Since 2010 we have compiled a detailed list of registered voters in Louisiana that can help you contact and connect with your voting segment; allowing campaign managers an affordable and less stressful solution to finding the critical voter data you need. We take pride in providing our clients with complete access of detailed voter files in Louisiana inside our comprehensive database that includes millions of individual and household contacts.

What Type of Voter Records in Louisiana Do You Require?

  • Voter registration records in Louisiana; including party affiliation and voter history
  • Complete access to all counties in Louisiana and a quick, 24-hour turnaround
  • Detailed demographic information including ethnicity, race, religion and income
  • Phone numbers of registered voters in Louisiana – both landline and cell phone
  • Voter interest groups and memberships (including club, animals, hunting, etc.)

And that is simply the basic information included in the voter records in Louisiana that we provide our clients. Contact us today to discover our customized voter registration lists that will power your campaign to levels of success you expect.

We Offer You More Ways to Use Voter Lists in Louisiana

We understand that the best way to ensure political success is to fine tune and customize your message. Our detailed and personalized program allows you to send direct mail; develop automatic phone calls, set up community meetings, plan personal door-to-door visits and more by using our micro targeted data and updated lists.

Grow & Enhance Your Voter Database in Louisiana

Our goal is to ensure that the data you have is as detailed as possible which is why we take tremendous pride in keeping your voter lists in Louisiana updated on a frequent basis. To accomplish this goal, Gravis Marketing continually updates the voter files we’ve compiled over the years and can enhance your current voter database lists in Louisiana by matching data:

  • Send us your specialized lists
  • Use our updated record database of Louisiana voters
  • Append and match your voter files in Louisiana or postal records
  • Find email records to match names of registered voters
  • Opt-in matched emails – you can purchase detailed email lists of recipients and potential voters in Louisiana that have chosen to receive direct communication from your campaign.

Contact Gravis Marketing today @ 1-800-371-3129 or 1-407-454-8600 to receive a FREE consultation with one of our professional representatives to discover how our accurate and up-to-date Louisiana voting records can help you engage and activate a successful campaign.