Michigan Poll Results

One of the old “Blue Wall” states to flip to Trump in 2016 was Michigan.  The state shifted from a 16.4-point Obama win in 2008 to a 9.5-point win in 2012 to a narrow 0.2-point win for Donald Trump in 2016. The state swung back to the left in 2018 re-electing Stabenow and flipping the Governorship from Republican to Democratic.  A new Gravis Marketing poll of the state shows former Vice President Joe Biden with a significant 13-point lead, 55%-42% with an additional 3% undecided.  Biden is benefiting from a 23-point advantage among women in the state and a 1-point edge among men. Biden is also leading with those over 65 by 21 points and among whites by 2 points.


According to the poll, Donald Trump’s approval rating is narrowly underwater, but heavily polarized. 48% of Michigan likely voters say that they approve of the Job Donald Trump has done as President while 50% disapprove.  37% say that they “strongly approve” while 46% indicate that they “strongly disapprove.”  Joe Biden receives strong favorable marks with 59% indicating that they have a favorable view of him compared to 38% that have an unfavorable view.  41% say that their view is “very favorable” while 36% say that their view of him is “very unfavorable.”

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In 2018, John James lost to incumbent Debbie Stabenow by 6.5 points, though in this new Gravis poll he is trailing by a larger 11-point margin, 52%-41% with 7% undecided. The over 65 margin for Peters is smaller than it is for Biden but is still a solid 15 points. James ties Peters among men, but trails by 20 points among women. Peters holds a 5-point advantage among white voters, though James narrows the gap among black voters pulling 28% compared to the 18% that plan to vote for Donald Trump.


This poll was conducted by Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research and data firm. This poll of 679 registered, likely voters in Michigan was conducted on October 24th and has a margin of error of ±3.8%. This survey was conducted using interactive voice responses and an online panel of cell phone users.  This poll was not commissioned by any campaign committee or other organization and was paid for by Gravis Marketing.  Results are weighted by voting demographics.  Questions can be directed to the managing partner of Gravis Marketing, Cherie Bereta Hymel.

Michigan (October 24, 2020) by Cherie Bereta Hymel on Scribd