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Gravis Research By Gravis Research September 9, 2013

Early Poll Numbers: Nebraska US Senate Primary

Gravis Marketing Poll-Nebraska Poll Results

Winter Springs, Florida, September 9, 2013-Gravis Marketing has announced the results of a random survey of 1,842 registered Nebraska voters, conducted on September 6 and September 7, 2013. Survey criteria required that all poll participants must have voted in at least one Republican primary.

The chase for U.S. Senate opened wide the moment Republican Governor Dave Heineman announced his decision to opt out of the race. The GOP now seeks the strongest possible candidate to replace retiring Senator Mike Johanns.

Poll results gave Ex-State Treasurer, businessman and Navy veteran Shane Osborn a lead at 41 percent. Banker Sid Dinsdale trailed at 7 percent, followed at 5 percent by Midland University President and Ex-US Assistant HHS Secretary Ben Sasset. Attorney Bart McLeay received 2 percent.

More telling perhaps is the fact that 44 percent of poll participants were unsure of which candidate they supported. That could be due, in part, to a problem with name recognition. Pollster questions indicated that 91 percent of participants did not recognize Dinsdale’s name, 81 percent did not know Sasse, and 86 percent were unsure of who McLeay was.

The poll carries an error margin of 2.2 percent.

Gravis Marketing is an award-winning leader in contact center technology solutions. Founded in 2010 by Cherie Bereta Hymel, an expert in turnkey advertising, Gravis provides the latest in telephony and political advertising for political campaigns. Bereta Hymel appears regularly on the Carmen Russell-Sluchansky segment of Campaign Connection on 1430 AM in New York City and 1390 AM in the Washington DC area. He is also featured on the Ed Dean Show in Orlando and is an official pollster for Capitol Correspondents in Washington DC.

It is clear that no matter which candidate eventually wins the nomination, he will face an opponent who comes into the race with greater name recognition. Democratic Brad Ashford is a State Senator and was an Omaha mayoral candidate in 2013. Ashford was also formerly an active Republican. Candidate Chris Beutler is the mayor of Lincoln, and Mike Meister is an attorney, Army veteran, 2002 Attorney General nominee and 2010 Nominee for Governor. Democrat Kim Robak is an attorney, Ex-Lieutenant Governor of Nebraska, as well as the Ex-Chancellor of the University of Nebraska. Independent David Christopher Holcomb is an attorney, and is recognized for his 2012 run for U.S. President.

Given the weight of farming, industrial, and energy issues currently facing the state of Nebraska, the eventual winner is going to enter an office full of demands. Gravis Marketing will continue their polling efforts as the race continues. Poll Results