New Hampshire Republicans – the Senate … the Presidency … Chris Christie … Background Checks and More

Harrison Thomas By Harrison Thomas February 4, 2014

Gravis Marketing and the Human Events conducted a random survey of 498 registered voters in New Hampshire by automated call on 1/29/14 and 1/30/14. The results have a margin of error of ±4.3.

New Hampshire operates on an open primary system, which would make consideration of independent voters relevant.  Among potential Republican primary voters, the race is a virtual dead heat.

Based upon Gravis Marketing’s recent results, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are on top at 16% and 15% respectively.

Not far behind are Rand Paul and Ted Cruz at 12%, Mike Huckabee at 11%, Marco Rubio at 8%, Scott Walker at 7%, and Rick Santorum at 3%.

u.s. presidentThe Republican primary race for the United States Senate seat in New Hampshire between former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and Bob Smith, a former New Hampshire Senator.  Smith is known for his failed presidential campaign in 2000 as an independent and previously lost his New Hampshire Senate seat to John Sununu in 2002.  Brown and Smith’s primary race will decide who would challenge Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D), who carried 52 percent of the vote in 2008.

Voters were polled “If the Republican primary for US Senate were held today, will you vote for Bob Smith or Scott Brown?” Results indicate that Scott Brown holds a commanding 29-percentage point lead over Bob Smith (51% to 22%) with 27% expressing uncertainty. When examining the support for these candidates in light of party identification Brown’s supporters are distributed across Democrats, Independent and Republicans while Smith’s supporters appear to be centered among Independents 26.4%. Unsure voters consist of a plurality primarily of Democrats (47.6%) who could potentially gravitate toward Smith in this open primary given his previous credentials as an Independent candidate.

U.S. senate

A complete reporting of the results follows.

Do you think the United States is on the right track or wrong track? right wrong trackIf the Republican primary for US Senate were held today,  will you vote for Bob Smith or Scott Brown? U.S. senateIf the election for Republican presidential primary were held today, would you vote for Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee ,Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santoroum or Scott Walker?

u.s. president

Do you believe New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ordered the George Washington Bridge closed to punish his political opponents?

cristie george washington bridge

Do you support expanded background checks for gun purchases?

background checks

Would you support amnesty for illegal aliens?


Do you support drug testing for welfare benefits, including food stamps?

drug testingThe following questions are for demographic purposes.

What is your Political Party Affiliation?

partyAre you Hispanic?

hispanicWhat race do you identify yourself as?

raceWhich of the following best represents your religious affiliation?

religious affiliationWhat is the highest level of education have you completed?

education categoryHow old are you?

age groupWhat is your Gender?