In a state that Donald Trump carried by 5 points in 2016 and Democrats have not carried in a presidential race since 1992, a new Gravis Marketing poll conducted for One America News Network Gravis Marketing shows Trump and Biden within the margin of error: 48%-45%. President Trump’s lead is largely due to white voters which he leads by a 40-point margin. Biden holds a 69-point lead among African American voters which is helping him keep the race close.

Looking at the Senate elections in Georgia this year, the GOP has the advantage. Democrats have not won a Senate election in Georgia since the 2000 special election when former Governor Zel Miller defeated former Senator Mack Mattingly. In the new Gravis poll, Purdue leads Ossoff 48%-43% with 9% undecided. Purdue is aided by his 38-point advantage with white voters while pulling 20% of African Americans. The special Senate election appears to be up for grabs for either Collins or Loeffler. Collins leads the field with 26% and fellow Republican Loeffler at 24%. The Democrats in the race include Warnock at 18%, Lieberman at 11% and Tarver at 9%. 18% remain undecided. If the race proceeds to an all Republican runoff, Collins holds a 34%-28% edge with 37% of voters undecided. The other matchups all pretty much fall along the same line of a GOP advantage regardless which Republican advances. Loeffler leads Warnock 48%-37% and Lieberman 46%-39% while Collins leads Warnock 47%-38% and Lieberman 46%-37%.

Job approval for Republicans across the board is positive in the state of Georgia. President Trump holds a 54%-42% approval split, while Governor Kemp is at 60%-36%, Perdue at 56%-35% and Loeffler at 52%-39%.

Voters in Georgia trust Trump over Biden to handle the economy by a 50%-44% margin and by a 51%-43% trust Trump over Biden to prevent violent riots in American cities. The poll finds broad support for local police departs. 71% indicate that they support their local police department while only 16% do not support. 73% believe that police departments should continue to be funded while 15% believe that they should be defunded. Georgians also blame protestors by a 19-point margin over the police for the recent riots across the country.

On the coronavirus response, the poll finds broad support in Georgia (76%-14%) for international travel restrictions. The poll also finds that voters in Georgia (61%-26%) believe that the United States would have been affected to a lesser extent by the coronavirus had China taken earlier steps to mitigate the spread of the virus.

This poll was conducted by Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research, and data firm. This poll of 513 likely voters in North Carolina was conducted on July 2nd and has a margin of error of ±4.3%. This survey was conducted using interactive voice responses and an online panel of cell phone users. This poll was paid for by One America News Network. Results are weighted by voting demographics. Questions can be directed to Gravis Research Team.

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