Opposition Research

May 4, 2015

Get the information you need for victory.

Gravis Marketing is pleased to announce the addition of opposition research to the wide array of services we offer our clients.   In order to be effective, we know the number one resource for political consultants and organizations is accurate, hard-hitting information.  You need to present all the facts to the voting public so that they can make informed decisions.  Gravis Marketing has assembled a top-notch team to provide you with the unparalleled, comprehensive opposition research you need to lead you to victory.

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Our Team

A Gravis Marketing Research Specialist is assigned to you and acts as your main point of contact at all times.  Our Research Specialists work closely with contracted expert and seasoned professionals, including attorneys, paralegals, private investigators and retired law enforcement, to conduct thorough, extensive background checks and investigative research on your target.

Our Services

Gravis Marketing is equipped to assist you throughout the year as well as to perform time-sensitive research as and when you need it.

All information gathered is thoroughly checked, documented and reported to you in an organized and intelligible dossier on your target.

OppositionReportStatsOur research services include (but are not limited to):

  • Legal records research (prior warrants, arrests, previous or pending lawsuits, bankruptcies, financial liens or judgments)
  • Campaign finances
  • Personal finances
  • Analysis of public or private board membership
  • Company directories and profiles
  • Executive and biographical intelligence
  • Professional history
  • Credentials verification
  • Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Legislative information and analysis at all stages of government
  • Media monitoring (updated to within half an hour of publication and spanning nearly 30,000 sources, including newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs, Twitter feeds, transcripts of radio and TV programming and more)
  • Public records data, including political and legislative voting history.

To discuss our opposition research services, pricing or for a free consultation with a Gravis Marketing Professional, call us today at 1-800-371-3129.