A Closer Look At Political Advertising

May 11, 2013

Political Advertising

Political advertising can have a massive impact on the success of one’s political campaign, provided that it is done properly and with the right techniques

.Just like the regular type of political advertising, political marketing is done through a series of different procedures and techniques that are aimed at the target market. The target market refers to the group of people who are interested in the actions, ideas and goals of the politician.

E-mail marketing is undoubtedly the most commonly used and the most efficient technique for political advertising – despite the fact that unsolicited mail has been considered spam and had a negative impact rather than a positive one, the latest e-mail marketing campaigns have considerably improved its efficiency. Now, the e-mail addresses of people are not collected abusively from the Internet, but people are actually convinced to share their e-mail address (usually in exchange for a freebie or a promotional product). This is a win-win situation: the marketer gets the e-mails while the person in question is kept up-to-date with the latest actions of his preferred politician.

On the other hand, social media marketing is extremely powerful as well, given that there are billions of Facebook and Twitter users all over the world – for this reason, social networking websites are commonly used not only by famous brands who want to raise awareness of their brand, but also by the marketing/advertising team of a political figure. Besides, you can meet all demographics on Facebook and this is another useful benefit, as marketing something to different age groups is considerably more effective than sticking to a particular demographic.

In addition to appealing to a very wide range of people, social networks have another great advantage over e-mail marketing and most of the actual marketing strategies – they allow the target market to provide accurate, reliable and unbiased feedback that will benefit future marketing campaigns and help improve this one. Besides, the feedback is free of charge although promotional products are usually distributed to raise the visibility of the political figure even more.

Article marketing is another common technique as it aims to direct more visitors towards a particular site, as well as to improve its website ranking and made it stand out from similar sites from the same niche. Basically, article marketing is done with the help of high-quality, properly written articles that are then submitted to various online directories. These articles have one or two links to the website in question, and readers will access it. This is one of the fastest, cheapest and most efficient way to attract a large number of visitors with a minimum of effort.

In conclusion, political advertising can be a highly efficient tool in the hands of the right marketer. The techniques and methods mentioned in this article are the most widely used in campaigns, as they are time-effective, cost-effective and relatively simple to implement. Part of the success of the marketing campaign is determined by the experience of the marketer, as he can influence the public opinion regarding a certain political figure.

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