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March 15, 2014

Telephone Survey

Gravis Marketing is an industry leader in the political advertising marketplace. We get your message out! Gravis offers a suite of services for political campaigns that will meet all your marketing and advertising requirements. Utilizing the channels of mass, multi and social media we provide the ability to reach millions — even billions — of people with a single message.

Through our services we deliver your message in efficient and cost effective ways to larger audiences than ever before. Working with Gravis Marketing, you are partnering with a leader that understands the needs of the political advertising landscape and can assist you in maneuvering through the media minefield in order to achieve the best results.

Our services focus on understanding the voice of the voters and then crafting and delivering a message that voters will connect with. We use all available channels and keep up with the rapidly changing communications field. Gravis Marketing understands campaign and political advertising and campaign management for the 21st century.

One Stop Shop for Political Advertising

Our marketing services include seven primary political advertising services — in addition to yard signs, — each service is tailor-made to fit your campaign needs. We gather information through market research and polling and assist you with evaluating the voter climate and the issues voters care about. We then provide the channels and resources to craft and execute your marketing message to reach the maximum number of potential voters.

Political Advertising Benefits Political advertising

1) Gravis Automated Political Robocalls and Telephone Calls- This is a cost effective way to get your message out. Record a political message and through automated calling services send the message in your voice to thousands of phone numbers.

2) Gravis Interactive Voice Recognition Software – Save money and staffing resources by using our software. Rather than staff members making individual calls, waiting for an answer and reaching a voter or leaving a message, IVR routes calls to either a live operator or recorded message, based on whether a voter picks up the phone or not.

3) Gravis Hosted Predictive Dialer – Increase the number of callers your staff and volunteers reach using Gravis Marketing’s software algorithm that automatically dials phone numbers and only connects those calls that are answered to your live operators.

4) Gravis Live Call Service Center – For campaigns that do not have the budget to staff a call center, Gravis Marketing provides full service call centers. They are staffed with professionally trained callers who understand the political climate during an election season. You provide the message, we will get it out.

5) Gravis Direct Mail, Email and Text Marketing – Over the past decade communication methods have changed drastically. For a political candidate this means it is necessary to rethink how you communicate. Phone campaigns provide an essential link to voters, but as more citizens gravitate to other forms of communication, it is necessary for candidates to add these channels to campaign efforts. In order to reach the maximum number of voters, we provide both email and text marketing services, in addition to the traditional political direct mail marketing efforts.

6) Gravis Voter Lists – Gravis maintains voter information and consumer lists from resources including: registered voter files, the national change of address database, interest groups and memberships. Our lists include phone numbers, addresses, emails and voter profiles that will assist you in developing customized messages that will resonate with your targeted audience.

7) Gravis Polling and Marketing Research – Our Market Research services provide information on the demographic you’ve targeted and help establish how voters feel about hot topics and their opinions on key issues. We also complete comparisons with your opponent for key indicators. Using both automated and live market research systems and established polling networks we will gather and interpret results to give you the leading edge in your campaign efforts.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of every client we work with and to vault your campaigns to levels of success you expect. And when it comes to political advertising – Gravis Marketing is an affordable solution. Call Gravis Marketing today for a free quote 800-371-3129 – or contact us onlineGravis is a proud member and in good standing of the BBB.

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