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March 16, 2016

Gravis Marketing Political Campaign Tools- Starting A Political Campaign 

Gravis Marketing specializes in simplifying the political process to produce positive results. From developing our proprietary advanced IVR technology and web panels for capturing valuable voter opinions in our Gravis Insights surveys to having a complete in-house professional web design service, professional public relations professional, and political advisors; our goal is to provide the best value to our clients. Our complete Political Campaign Tools noted below can be packaged A-la-carte or bundled together to ensure your campaign has the right tools – managed by the right people to make a positive difference on Election Day.

Political Campaign Strategy

Political Campaign Tools, Political Campaign Tools, Gravis

Managing any political campaign requires three critical elements. First, the campaign must have a clear understanding of its voting demographic. Second, any political campaign must have a solid message that is designed to connect with targeted voters. Third, a successful political campaign will use the right tools in order to spread its message to a large voting segment. By retaining Gravis Marketing to manage your political campaign; we will work with you to strategize all aspects of your campaign – saving you time, money, and valuable resources. Gravis Marketing political consultants will customize a package that delivers results.

Political Online Marketing – Custom Website Development

VoteTimmOver the past decade, the way we communicate has dramatically changed. As technological advances moving at a faster pace, keeping up with voter needs and understanding the latest channels of communication is essential to a campaign’s success. Without question, the base platform for any successful online marketing political campaign is effective, clean, neat, and straight campaign websites powered by Gravis Marketing.

Our professional in-house website development and design team can tailor an online presence for you that is clean, neat, and easy for your voters and supporters to navigate. We can also manage your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Our professional writers can also help your campaign craft messaging with target-rich content that clearly articulates your message to your base. We also have some of the best publicists on staff – ready to help you craft newsworthy press releases.

Learn more about our all-inclusive Political Website Design services.

Targeted Voter Lists

VotingListsAccurate Voter Lists Data is now believed to be the new currency in the political world. Why – Because every political campaign knows that bad voter lists can cost elections and devastate marketing budgets.

What kind of voter lists do you need?

  • Registered Voter Lists, including party affiliation and voter history.
  • Voter files from all states – 24-hour turnaround.
  • Voter lists with detailed demographics, including race, ethnicity, religion, and income
  • Voter lists including National Change of Address – Gravis Marketing files have weeded out dead-end data.
  • Phone Numbers – landlines and cell phone numbers are included in the voter lists.
  • Interest groups and social membership affiliation.

That’s just to name a few. Gravis Marketing can customize your voter lists to standards, trends, and data that will specifically help your campaign achieve the levels of success you expect.

Learn more about our detailed voter lists available in all 50 US States.

Political Polling Services

Phone PollsOur customized public opinion poll solutions have guided strategy, increased exposure, and provided insight for hundreds of business and political campaigns. We have developed our polling software and market research systems specifically for campaign managers and volunteer teams. We understand exactly what you need to get the job done and supply you with the proper tools to achieve political success

The Key Elements to Each Gravis Marketing Public Opinion Polls Include

  • IDENTIFY the big-ticket topics that will help your campaign get voters’ attention.
  • PROVIDE automated telephone surveys that equip you to receive voter feedback in near-to-real time.
  • USE a secure virtual call center to help your volunteers make hundreds of calls every day to conduct live polls.
  • ESTABLISH your polling network that frees up your time for other campaigning duties.
  • INTERPRET poll results ensuring the data collected is accurate and follows industry standards.

Learn more about our Political Polling services.

Political Digital Marketing – IP Targeted Marketing

ipdigitalpoliticalmarketingOur systems and political campaign tools can target down to the unique internet users within a specific household or business.  We match up the physical address, email, and mobile phones to target by IP.  Such precise targeting enables us to deliver extraordinarily relevant display banner ads and/or videos to everyone in your exact target every time they go online.  Only IP Targeting can serve your ad on almost any website your target chooses to visit.  This allows us to offer you the highest quality ad placements on a wide range of websites at the lowest possible rates.  We offer the best possible match rates.

Learn more about our IP Targeted Marketing services.


Text and Political Email

political-email-marketingThe political email marketing services and text message services powered by Gravis Marketing political campaign tools are easy to use and affordable tools that any political campaign can use to reach their targeted voting segment. However, what is not commonly known is that political email marketing and text messaging services allow you to expand your political marketing dollar by connecting with a younger, non-traditional voter. With the political text messaging and email messaging programs offered by Gravis Marketing, your campaign can accomplish several key marketing goals including:

  • Broadcast your outreach to a wider voting audience and perform valuable polling and market research.
  • Send simple automated polls through Smartphone texts, which voters can respond to with a quick push of a button.
  • Keep voters updated on campaign events, initiatives and results.
  • Connect with votes on a personal basis and capture technically savvy voters that never pay attention to printed materials.

Learn more about our Text and Political Email services.