Political Campaign Website Builder

July 26, 2014

Features and Benefits of a Custom Political Campaign Website

Gravis Marketing offers top of the line political campaign website builder and political campaign tools that will promote your message in a way that is simple and efficient for your campaign to operate and update. We provide a range of features, select which ones will meet your campaign needs and then upload information to complete the site.

Campaign Website Builder and Customized Templates For Local, State, and Federal Campaigns 

Highlighted Services Include the Following:

Customized Website Templates: Gravis Marketing will download your campaign logo and create a custom website that will be in synch with the rest of your campaign. We can fully customize your site or you can select from a wide range of templates to get the look and feel you are looking for. We offer complete services and full staff support through the entire process to build your site to meet your communication needs.

Fast and Efficient Site Building and custom website design: The site will be up in less than 7 days. You build the content and your campaign message and we will design a site that will highlight the main features of your campaign. We include a free domain name and everything you need to operate the site.

Build Email Lists and Track Visitors: We will create a site that will enable you to track web traffic. You will also have the ability to have visitors include information and sign up for newsletters. This is a great way to reach constituents and build an email list from your supporters. Email lists will be useful not only for communicating by email, but additional information like addresses and phone numbers can provide valuable information that will enable you to better reach these voters as it gets closer to election day.

Schedule Events and Maintain a Campaign Calendar: Our scheduling features allow you to post events on the site. You can promote these events through email newsletters and social media campaigns. The calendar allows supporters to promote your events through their social media networks. This will increase your exposure along with attendance at events and fundraisers.

political campaign website design


Accept Donations Online: Fundraising is one of the most important tasks of any campaign. We allow you to accept donations with one click. The supporter can submit their information on the political campaign website and the donation goes directly to your campaign. There is also donation tracking included so you can evaluate who is making donations and which supporters you want to reach out to.

Manage Volunteers: With our scheduling feature you will be able to manage campaigns and have volunteers at each event, when and where you need them. It will allow volunteers to log in and sign up for events and allow campaign managers to solicit volunteers when needed.

Add pages and Videos with ease: Add pages that address voter concerns easily. Post videos with messages from the candidate as well as videos of events. Our websites create a simple process for adding content to your website. There is also the ability for supporters and volunteers to share this information through social media.

Create Photo Galleries: With each event or promotion you will have the opportunity to upload photo galleries. This will encourage supporters and help motivate volunteers. It will also allow supporters to share gallery photos and campaign videos through their social media networks.

Create Social Media Links: With social media you want to have your own social media campaign, but also provide a way for volunteers and supporters to easily share your information with their networks. Through our social media links sharing your political campaign website message will be easy and others can promote your campaign message with a click of a button.

Political campaign website customer Support: We offer support through our website or our phone number. Contact us and we will answer any questions you may have and walk you through any process you do not understand. Our single goal is to help you get your message out to as many constituents as possible during the campaign season. By partnering with Gravis Marketing you gain access to all of our resources and all of our expertise.

Our political website campaign development team will create a custom campaign website that can be viewed on any electronic device. Whether voters are viewing the site on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the images will be clear and crisp and the format easy to read and easy for voters to find what they are looking for.

We provide interactive campaign websites where voters can comment, like and support your campaign. They can also ask questions on your political campaign website and learn more about where the candidate stands on issues that matter most to them.

With a custom political campaign website design, you can reach voters at a deeper level and gain a real commitment for their vote. As voters learn more about what you stand for, they can be encouraged to help promote your campaign through their own social media channels.

Website campaigning will become increasingly important in the upcoming election, as the expectations for professional sites filled with valuable information has become the expectation of voters. If you do not WOW them here, they may not support you at the polls. Call 800-371-3129 for a custom political campaign website design quote.