Providing Political Consultants Wholesale rates

April 30, 2014

Gravis Marketing partners with political consultants on a global scale. We offer wholesale rates that can be passed onto the specific campaign for the most cost effective marketing strategies available. Whether you are working on a small local campaign or a national one, building the right partnerships gets the job done more efficiently than a piece by piece process. By providing the right tools and industry expertise we offer solutions with regard to the research, polling, advertising and outreach efforts of the campaign. This enables you to focus on developing the best campaign strategy for your candidate to win the election.

In addition to consultation services we also offer the following:

Political Robocall Services

Our Political Robocall Platform is available to political consultants at wholesale rates and enables the candidate to reach registered voters with their message in a precise and inexpensive way. The services we provide through Robocall include:

  • Recording the candidate’s voice message to targeted audiences
  • Sending out the targeted voice message to everyone on your voter call lists, on a schedule that you determine will be most effective.
  • Sending text messages and/or emails via Robocall to voters with notifications and updates regarding the issues and concerns that matter the most to them.
  • Tracking data through our automated systems so you can adjust your strategy as the campaign progresses.
  • Providing authenticated voter lists as needed for the campaign.

Gravis Marketing’s Robocall structure is an automated service that allows political consulting firms to deliver messages through a professional system. This ensures that the messages being sent will reach the maximum number of voters. Our Robocall Platform uses authenticated voter IDs to send messages, checks the do not call lists and follows all legal protocol necessary when contacting voters by email or cell phone.

Polling and Research For Political Consulting Firms

We assist political consultants in information gathering. Information is one of the most powerful tools in an election. Understanding what voters are looking for in a candidate and what issues will bring in the votes can determine the outcome of an election. Unfortunately, voters are apt to change their minds and staying current through the election cycle on voter issues and voter concerns will increase the effectiveness of your campaign strategy.

We offer research services that include automated surveys, polling voters and obtaining feedback to fundraisers and other campaign events. This provides you with up-to-date information about how the campaign is moving forward, and gives clues as to what direction the campaign needs to take in order to win. This research enables you to give your candidate the best advice and provide the most effective strategies for candidates at the local, state and national level.

Micro Targeting for Optimal Results For Political Consultants 

One of the advantages of our customized research methods is that it provides micro targeting, which is extremely effective at measuring voter interest and hot topics. We provide services in all 50 states to ensure that you are reaching your candidates’ target audience. Successful campaigning is a matter of reaching specific voters and addressing their specific needs. This is much more effective than general messages to a wider audience.

Delivering such messages can only be accomplished through micro targeting. This enables political consultants and the candidate to address specific voters, on specific issues. The candidate can deliver a message to conservationists on his or her views on the environment. He/she can deliver another message to animal lovers about how they feel about upcoming legislation these voters care about. Our micro targeting strategy ensures that you can pass along the appropriate message, to your targeted audience, in an efficient manner.

Improved Productivity

Political consulting requires the upmost in efficiency and productivity. Partnering with Gravis Marketing will provide exactly what you need to ensure that your firm is as productive as possible. We offer tools like our virtual predictive dialer that is designed to assist in the productivity of political volunteers and calling campaigns.

This software operates with a computer-based algorithm that dials the numbers from your voter lists and then connects live answered calls directly to volunteers or staff at the call center. The result is that telemarketers avoid busy signals and productivity increases by an average of 400 percent.

If you are working with a smaller campaign we also offer call center services. We have professional staff that will act as your call center. This can save the candidate thousands of dollars and still get the message out to potential voters in a time efficient way.

End Results

As a political consultant, you are under pressure to direct the election in a way that results in your candidate’s victory. Providing up-to-date data, which can be used to make real time decisions, is essential to a campaign’s success. We provide not only the data, but the means of delivering the message you help your candidate to craft. Our services and tools allow you to identify the potential challenges associated with your campaign and reach out to voters to deliver powerful and effective messages that will bring voters to the polls on Election Day.

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