Political Consultants

February 27, 2014

Political consultants

Gravis Marketing Provides Political Consultants Wholesale rates.

Gravis works with political consultants worldwide, offering the consultant the lowest rates possible, they can then pass it on to the political candidate. Building up a political campaign, whether it takes place in a small local area or it is a national campaign, requires the right type of assistance and programs. Political consulting firms can benefit from our services. We provide the tools, expertise and solutions to advertise, research data and poll voters so that a political consultant can take the next step to develop a realistic and successful campaign strategy.

Robocall Services

Our Robocall Platform is available to political consultants at wholesale rates to help improve a political campaign. The services we provide in Robocall include:

  • Recording your voice message
  • Sending out your voice message to hundreds or thousands of phones throughout the political campaign
  • Sending text messages and emails via Robocall to voters with notifications and updates
  • Keeping track of data through automated systems

Robocall is an automated service that allows political consulting firms to deliver messages through a professional system. As a political consultant, it is important to ensure that the message reaches as many voters as possible, and our Robocall Platform helps by using authenticated voter IDs to send messages.

Polling and Research

Our Robocall Platform is a useful tool for political consultants to get the message out to potential voters, but we offer services that exceed the automated system and ensure that you can get the information that can make a difference in the campaign strategy.

We help political consultants take automated surveys, poll voters and obtain feedback to fundraisers and similar events so that we can provide up-to-date information about how your campaign is moving forward. Our research allows us to help political consulting firms provide the best campaign advice and information for candidates at the local, state and federal level.

Microtargeting for Optimal Results

The reason that our research strategy is effective is related to our method of obtaining data. We use microtargeting in all 50 states to ensure that you are reaching your target audience. You want voters to know about your candidate and his or her ideas. That requires a marketing strategy that targets the areas and individuals who need to hear the message, and our microtargeting strategy ensures that you can pass along the message without wasting time.

Improved Productivity

Political consulting requires productivity, and our services provide exactly what you need to ensure that your firm is as productive as possible. Our virtual predictive dialer is designed to assist in the productivity of political volunteers.

The way our software works is simple: a computer-based algorithm dials the numbers and then connects the answered calls directly to your volunteers. As a result, telemarketers avoid busy signals during the call and productivity increases by 400 percent.

A political consultant must provide results so that candidates have a realistic and useful marketing strategy. Our services and tools allow you to identify the potential challenges associated with your campaign and reach out to voters through phone calls, emails and text messages.

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