Political Direct Mail

October 1, 2014

Direct-MailWhether it’s a political campaign through the use of political direct mail or simple sales and marketing 101 for a consumer product, it is well understand that the best way to convert qualified leads into passionate votes is through a three stage process.

First – you have to contact your potential voter.

Second – you have to follow up with that potential voter.

Third – you need to gather direct feedback from that potential voter that can help the candidate work hard for them while in office.

6x9-postcardsReaching your potential voters through political direct mail services has a proven track record of success. However, when you hedge your efforts by having the marketing experts Gravis Marketing create a customized program for your campaign – you are truly doubling-down on success.

Customized direct mail pieces that gets your voters to the polls on election day is a highly effective way to reinforce your message. Gravis Marketing believes that an affordable and highly effective way to drive your message home is by integrating direct mail into your outreach strategy. The more media channels your message is communicated through EFFECTIVELY, the greater the number of opportunities your message has to make a lasting impression.

Gravis Marketing’s Direct Mail Services include:

  • National and Local Political Direct Mail Services — We can assist you in all aspects of creating, launching, and managing a successful direct mail approach.  
  • Printed and Text Communication Strategy — We offer political mail strategy and consulting services that focus on your goals and work with your budget.
  • Voter and Consumer Records — Use only the most current contact data tailored to meet your needs and specifications.
  • Mailing Services — You can’t afford for your pieces to get lost in the mail! We will ensure that your mailer has proper postal preparations, and, most importantly, when the political mailer  ARRIVES ON TIME.
  • Direct-Targeted Content – Making sure the content on each direct mailer we create is crafted in such as way as to appeal to the voters both logically and emotionally.

Whether you’re searching for turnkey campaign advertising and marketing company to handle any sized political or non-profit campaign, or simply need to streamline your political direct mail marketing campaigns, the team at Gravis Marketing is ready to work with you today. Contact us online today for a free consultation. Speak with a professional Gravis Marketing representative directly at 1-800-371-3129.

logoSince 2010, Gravis Marketing has been a pioneer in developing powerful online marketing tools and resources that power several of today’s most successful campaigns. We have specifically designed our Gravis Marketing outreach software and systems to handle the high volume of messaging that political campaigns require. When a political email is sent to voters, we ensure that it’s written clearly, looks polished, and, most importantly, it’s sent and delivered through a reliable service.

Today’s voter is savvy – and the campaigns that roll with technology and infuse all aspects of communication into their voter targeting efforts are the ones that often achieve success. Contact Gravis Marketing today to learn about our political direct mail services. 

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