Political Poll CD4 – Texas Runoff Congressman Ralph Hall Leads Former U.S. Attorney John Ratcliffe

Gravis Research By Gravis Research May 15, 2014

Human Events and Gravis Marketing conducted a random survey of 656 registered Texas voters in the fourth Congressional District regarding current events, including the Republican Primary contest between Ralph Hall and John Ratcliffe.  The poll carries a margin of error of  4%.

Voters were asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of Republican Ralph Hall?” 51% of voters indicated approval for Hall while 30% indicated disapproval and 19% expressed uncertainty. Hall’s approval appears to be roughly split between Republicans (57%) and Democrats (46.9%) with Independents/Other occupying a substantial portion of his approval at 38.1%.

Voters were also asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of Republican John Ratcliffe?” These numbers indicate that Ratcliffe holds a 38% approval rating compared against 25% disapproval and 37% expressing uncertainty. When drilling down on the metric of party identification these data indicate, unlike Hall, Ratcliffe’s approval primarily rests among Republicans (41.1%) and Independents/Other (35.3%) with only 16.3% among Democrats.

When asked, “If the Republican Primary were held today, would you vote for Republican Ralph Hall or Republican John Ratcliffe?” voters indicated that Hall holds an 8 point advantage over Ratcliffe (46% to 38%) with 16% expressing uncertainty. Hall’s support appears to be divided between Republicans (49.5%), Democrats (55.1%) and Independents/Other (36.2%). Whereas, Ratcliffe‘s support centers primarily among Independents (40.8%) and Republicans (38.5%). Cherie Bereta Hymel of Gravis Marketing states that Hall’s advantage in the polls marks an upswing for the candidate. He states, “Hall received 45.42% of the vote, which was under 50%, the number of votes required to avoid a run-off election in the recent primary. Hall who is the older serving member of Congress was in danger of losing the run off, the poll seems to be good news for Rep. Hall, he is getting the endorsements of the establishment, Ron Paul recently endorsed him.”



Do approve or disapprove of President Obama’s job performance?obama job performanceDo you approve or disapprove of Republican Ralph Hall?approval of ralph hallDo you approve or disapprove of Republican John Ratcliffe?approval of ratcliffeIf the Republican Primary were held today, would you vote for Republican Ralph Hall or Republican John Ratcliffe?hall or ratcliffeShould the federal government approve firearm transactions before they are completed?feds firearmsDo you think President Obama was aware the IRS was targeting conservative groups?irs targeting conservative groupsDo you believe the President is telling the whole truth on Benghazi?benghaziShould mothers serving in the military be ordered into combat zones?mothers militaryWould you support amnesty for illegal aliens?amnesty illegal aliensThe following are for demographic purposes.

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