Virtual Predictive Dialer

March 21, 2013

Predictive Dialer Systems Can Slash Campaign Costs and Skyrocket Campaign Effectiveness

One thing that all campaigns have in common is the need to make contact with lots of people. A hosted predictive dialer system is a modern tool that makes that task faster, easier, more efficient and less costly than ever before.

Predictive Dialer Gravis Marketing

Gravis Marketing virtual predictive dialer.

What is a hosted predictive dialer system? 

It’s an automated means of making the most of your manpower. But it doesn’t reduce the human-to-human contact that’s so crucial to a successful campaign; instead, it maximizes person-to-person contact.

Here’s how it works:

The hosted predictive dialer automatically dials numbers from a calling list. But it doesn’t just blindly work its way down a list from beginning to end. Instead, the dialer uses computer algorithms to select and sequence calls. The goal is to keep your person talking to people, not wasting time on dialing numbers and waiting for someone to pick-up.

Maximize Cost Efficiency With a Virtual Phone Bank

By using a virtual phone bank with a predictive dialer, your phone campaign can be conducted from anyplace on earth.

That means that a phone campaign that once required a costly physical call center can now be conducted from your volunteers’ homes. Each volunteer or call center rep. needs only a computer and a stable Internet connection to use the Gravis predictive dialer system

Predictive dialer systems offers greater convenience for your volunteers (and therefore, likely more volunteers!). And it offers a dramatic reduction of costs for your campaign.

Make the Most of Your Campaign’s Resources

All campaigns face a myriad of challenges. But availability of funds and shortages of paid or volunteer manpower are two challenges that almost all campaigns face.

Campaigns that utilize predictive dialer systems  can dramatically reduce the amount of both funds and manpower required to reach out to voters. And campaigns that choose not to avail themselves of this cutting-edge technological tool render themselves distinctly disadvantaged.