Advantages Of Using Predictive Dialers

March 21, 2013

Hosted Predictive Dialer Solutions

Unlike dialing each number manually or automatically, Gravis hosted predictive dialer solutions will take your list of phone numbers and dial up to three numbers at a time, at a specific time to ensure maximum efficiency. Predictive dialers use statistics to help time the calls in order to minimize the chance that a person answers when no call agent is ready to take the call.

Caller productivity is increased since the predictive dialer system can take into considering things such as: available lines, available callers, average time on the call and average time for the phone to be answered.

Whether you’re trying to rack up, votes or drum up business,  the Gravis predictive dialer solutions are the most efficient way for your team to connect with the public via phone calls.

An outbound predictive dialer is cloud-based, meaning there’s no hardware or software that you need to have on your computer. You simply need a good Internet connection and team members who are ready to get down to business.

Since predictive dialing significantly decreases the amount of wasted time–time spent punching in numbers, waiting for the line to ring and then waiting for an answer–users of a voip predictive dialer solution often double the number of calls they make in any given amount of time. The average caller increases their “talking” time from 40 to 57 minutes per hour by using predictive dialers.

Predictive dialer solutions are useful for businesses, groups and organizations who need to make calls to raise money, take surveys and polls, make public reminders and conduct market research. A hosted automated dialer system is a low-cost way to take your work high-tech.

Contact Gravis Marketing today at 1-800-371-3129 or 1- 407-454-8600 for your predictive dialer solution, to discover how our call center services can fulfill your campaign needs. 

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