President Trump Leads in North Carolina OAN Gravis Poll

Gravis Research By Gravis Research June 20, 2020

President Donald Trump holds a 3-point edge in North Carolina over Joe Biden according to a poll conducted by Gravis Marketing for One America News Network. The margin is similar to the 3.7 points Trump carried the state by in 2016 and the 2 points Mitt Romney carried it by in 2012. In the Senate race, incumbent Republican Thom Tillis narrowly leads Cal Cunningham 46%-45% and incumbent Democratic Governor Roy Cooper is tied with Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest at 46%.  The good news for the Democratic ticket may be that the undecideds in these polls are disproportionately moderate and liberal as well as under the age of 50.

The poll largely finds positive approval ratings in North Carolina of elected officials.  The poll finds Trump at 52%-45%, Cooper at 53%-42% and Tillis at 53%-37%.  The only negative approval rating found was of Senior Republican Senator Richard Burr at 37%-44%. Burr has recently faced an investigation over stock sales.

Beyond Trump’s 3-point edge in the state, voters trust him to handle the economy better than Biden by a 49%-43% margin.  Voters are split over preventing further violent riots in American cities.  Voters also have a negative view of recent riots saying that rioting is not an effective way to change policy by a 68%-18% margin. Blame for recent riots is seen as more on the protestors (50%) than police (32%).  There is also strong support for activating the National Guard to prevent further rioting (53%-33%).   The poll also finds broad support for the police (78%-10%) and 75%-11% support for continuing to fund the police.

Registered voters in North Carolina are broadly supportive (79%-12%) of coronavirus related travel restrictions from certain countries. There is also a prevalent belief among voters (by a 67%-20% margin) that had China taken earlier steps to mitigate the coronavirus that the United States would have been affected to a lesser extent.

This poll was conducted by Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan telephone townhall, research and data firm. This poll of 631 registered voters in North Carolina was conducted on June 17th and has a margin of error of ±3.9%. This survey was conducted using interactive voice responses and an online panel of cell phone users.  This poll was paid for by One America News Network.  Results are weighted by voting demographics.  Questions can be directed to the managing partner of Gravis Marketing, Cherie Bereta Hymel.

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