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In a very short period of time, our company has become a leading source of factual marketing data that campaigns depend on to professionally connect with their voting segment. And the message is quickly growing thanks to outstanding media coverage from some of the largest mainstream media outlets across the globe. Gravis Marketing is an award-winning public relations firm with a clientele including political campaigns, public affairs organizations, consultants, and nonprofit organizations across the globe.

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At the end of the day, we are only as good as the results provided to our clients. Check out our collection of reviews.

Thank you Gravis Marketing Team. accurate polling right on the mark, we won the election.

Graham Baker

Gravis Marketing has been a wonderful company to work with. Everyone I've been in contact with has been friendly, courteous, and respectful. Definitely an A+ company to be attached to!

Lynn Nelthropp

I contacted Gravis Marketing last year. The design was awesome! Gravis also did market research, I was able to target the correct issues. We did a targeted digital campaign also with live phone calls. My donations increased significantly. I will use Gravis again. I felt like they generally cared about me. It was never about making money.

Kacie Goodman

Gravis Marketing has a very knowledgeable staff who are prompt and can provide a large number of reasons for any marketing campaign. Not to mention some of the best political polls on the internet!

Chad Miller

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