Printing and Mailing Services

May 2, 2016

Business and Political Printing and Direct Mailing Services 

DirectMarketing1In politics and business in general – perception IS reality. The way your campaign or business is represented, whether through the messaging within your platform to the professionalism of your website, voters and consumers today gravitate to people who look polished, professional and present quality in all aspects of their campaign. This professionalism extends to the direct mailing and printed materials that promotes you and your campaign. This is why Gravis Marketing offers high-quality print and mailing services to each of our clients; designed to arm your campaign or business with high-resolution imagery, captivated design and effective messaging that will stimulate voters to gravitate in your direction.

Reaching your potential voters and consumers through direct mail services has a proven track record of success. However, when you hedge your efforts by having the marketing experts Gravis Marketing create a customized program for your campaign – you are truly doubling-down on success.

Printing and Design Services Gravis Marketing Offers

Our company has an in-house design and printing division that allows us to craft customized political direct mailers, political yard signs, political banners and more. By keeping the complete design to print process in house, we’re able to reduce overhead and pass the savings along to you. Some of the professional printing and design services we offer political campaigns include:

Yard Sign Design and Printing

Gravis Marketing provides a full range of yard sign services that will showcase your name and a marketing slogan that will be easier for voters to remember and connect. This strategy can give you the edge due to the fact that many voters cast their ballots for candidates they remember and ones with a positive image attached to their names. It’s Brand Development 101 – and we’ve taken a proactive approach by integrating this proven marketing philosophy into our political campaign sign development services.

Benefits of Political Campaign Yard Signs

  • Political scientist Mel Kahn estimates that every yard sign placed during a campaign will increase voter recognition by 6 to 10 voters.
  • Volunteers and supporters of the candidate love yard sign marketing campaigns because it gives them something tangible they can do to promote the candidate.
  • Yard signs are a cost effective way to bring familiarity with your name if placed along busy streets and in prominent locations.
  • Proper placement and design are essential to converting people that see your sign into passionate voters that will choose your name on Election Day.

Political yard signs are an indirect method of reaching voters. This can prime the voter for direct contact, which is more powerful with regard to voter turnout and a voter casting a vote for a particular candidate.

Direct Mail Campaigns

SonnySorrentinoOur team of graphic designers and political consultants will work with you and your campaign team to craft a direct mail campaign that will inspire voters – as opposed to causing them to file your political mailers into the vertical file. Some of our capabilities in this arena include:

  • National and Local Political Direct Mail Services — Gravis Marketing can assist you in all aspects of creating, launching, and managing a successful direct mail approach.
  • Printed and Text Communication Strategy — The Gravis Marketing team offers political mail strategy and consulting services that focus on your goals and work with your budget.
  • Voter and Consumer Records — Use only the most current contact data tailored to meet your needs and specifications.
  • Mailing Services — A political campaign or growing business can’t afford for their direct mail pieces to get lost in the mail! We will ensure that your mailer has proper postal preparations, and, most importantly, when the political mailer ARRIVES ON TIME.

Our design team can assist you and your campaign with designing and creating a yard sign and direct mailing campaigns that will draw attention to your name and message. Your campaign can utilize our existing templates or create your own design based on your campaign needs. Our print division’s fast turnaround times and competitive pricing will enable you to use signs to promote your campaign, market events, community fundraisers and other campaign activities. Our dedication to quality is represented in every step of the design to print process.

Whether you’re searching for turnkey campaign advertising and marketing company to handle any sized political, non-profit or business campaign, or simply need to streamline your direct mail marketing campaigns, the team at Gravis Marketing is ready to work with you today. Contact us online today for a free consultation. Speak with a professional Gravis Marketing representative directly at 1-800-371-3129.