Gravis Marketing Robo Dialer Software

April 18, 2014

Gravis Marketing has pioneered and designed a robo dialer that will allow you to reach thousands of prospects every minute. This is an efficient and effective way to get your message out.


We offer an innovative marketing channel that is both cost effective and easy to use. Simply install our robo dialer software and you are ready to create a unique message that will be delivered through an auto dialer. Our software has the ability to leave messages on an answering machine, transfer to a live agent and gather information on campaign effectiveness automatically.

Record messages in your own voice to reach thousands of phone numbers. You are also able to send text messages and emails to increase your marketing reach.

We are so confident in our innovations that we offer a low price guarantee.

How Does Automatic Calling Work?

Gravis Marketing offers software that allows you to make telephone calls through your computer. These calls are delivered through standard phones lines or through VIOP channels.

We work with political campaigns for both Republicans and Democrats, non-profit organizations, schools and businesses.

To Begin

  • You will record your message in your own voice.
  • Create or import a call list to our software spreadsheet. Gravis Marketing has call lists available and can customize the list to target your perspective audience, if needed.
  • Establish the delivery specifications. Your message can be delivered immediately or it can be prepared ahead of time and sent at a later time and date, according to your specifications.
  • The numbers are automatically dialed at the specified time.
  • Robo call will collect data on which numbers were reached enabling you to measure the success of your campaign.


Automatic dialing can be used for school notifications, faith organizations or club news, business promotions or political campaigns.

Calling Features for Gravis Marketing Robo Dialer Software

Record and edit messages in your own voice. The message process is simple allowing you to create multiple messages to direct to each target audience within your lists.

Use automated surveys or conduct polls to gather marketing information

Ability to transfer to a live call center agent

With the Gravis Robo Dialer you can have a more effective telephone campaign. Our software is a fast and affordable way to deliver your message to existing or prospective customers. We provide free consultation to discuss your specific needs and to guide you through your marketing campaigns, ensuring their success.

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