How can Robocalling serve more in political campaigns?

March 20, 2013

Does Robocalling Work? 

The Gravis Robocalling software uses a computerized auto dialer to deliver a pre-recorded message. The robocalling system is used by political campaigns and compliant telemarketers.

During the last few years, Robocall services have become an effective marketing and communication tool. It is a convincing way to deliver and communicate your message. Robo calling is an automated telephone call with a prerecorded message. It has proven its utility in many ways, but the political robocalls are particularly popular in the political campaigns these days. It is an easy and cost-effective way to reach out and share what you have to offer. Let it be a vote campaign, a product to sell, an attractive discount offer or a public message. Robo calling is a rational choice that offers value for money and effectiveness at the same time.

Nothing is good or bad in nature; it is only the use of a particular thing that makes it so. Robocalling also enjoys two different opinion polls, one in favor and one against the communication tool. Many people find robo calling as annoying and an intervention in their privacy.If we closely analyze the political campaigns in the recent past, robocalls are one of the common tools applied in all the campaigns. The political parties develop a different calling list for different messages. This is done to maximize the utility of the robo calling and to ensure that the accurate message is delivered to the right audience. For example, the calling list is made assuming  age, gender and like groups.

Another thing that matters the most, is the message itself and its format.  Robo calls are formatted in many ways. The purpose of this is to make the robo call effective and using a predictive dialer to achieve the desired result. There is some essentials for making the robo calls serve the sought-after purpose. First, put the message up front. Robo call should attract the audience attention instantly with the essence of the statement that needs to be communicated.

Make the robo call unique and try to make it stand out among the others. This can be done by making the message crisp and interesting.

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