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Why Political Campaign Strategy?

Since 2010, Gravis Marketing has become a top political consulting firm and a leader in communication technology, campaign management, and political strategy – all areas that successful political consultants possess. We infuse all aspects of our business model to produce turn-key political consulting services that assist you in maneuvering the media minefield to achieve the best results.

The Gravis political campaign management team offers a suite of political campaign services. Each service is structured to streamline your campaign and exceed your marketing and advertising goals.

Three Critical Elements for Political Strategy

We specialize in political campaign strategy and political campaign ideas. Managing any political campaign, running for office, winning federal, state, or local campaigns requires three critical elements:

  • The political candidate must have a clear understanding of their voting demographic.
  • Any political campaign must have a solid message that connects with targeted voters.
  • A successful political advisor and strategist will use the right tools to spread your message to a large voting segment.

Traditionally each of these factors is brought to a political campaign by specialists or political campaign managers who have vast experience in each service they provide. But, how great would it be to find an experienced political campaign manager and campaign strategist that has the knowledge and resources to provide all of these political consulting services – at one affordable price?

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3 Stages For A Successful Campaign

Top strategies for winning campaigns rely upon the commitment to prioritizing services that are essential to each voting/campaign cycle. Your Gravis consultant is your expert at customizing your winning strategy for each cycle you complete.

Gravis Marketing’s campaign lifecycle management has three simple yet effective stages. To begin:

Stage #1

Often ends up falling around one year before election day. This stage includes the allocation of campaign finances, strategies become ironed out, and a website is developed and launched.

Stage #2

Begins around the four-month mark, right before election day. Around this stage, the focus on enhancing voter engagement is vital, followed by an assessment, door-to-door canvassing, and personal appearances. Updates to your marketing creatives should be designed and launched as well. These creatives include video, print, and more.

Stage #3

Somewhere between 45 and 60 days before election day, the main focus is on votes. This focus includes voter registration, early voting, vote by mail, Get Out The Vote, etc. This stage is when all of the efforts put forth over the last years come to fruition, and a successful campaign is earned and won.

Overview of Our Political Campaign Strategy

Many leading political consultants receive their communication, voter data, and political polling tools directly from Gravis Marketing. Each of our political consulting services focuses on understanding the voice of the voters and then crafting and delivering a message that voters will connect. We use all available channels and keep up with the rapidly changing communications field.

After we have helped define a target audience of potential voters, our detailed marketing research and polling data provide information on the demographic you have targeted and help establish how voters feel about hot topics and their opinions on important issues. Gravis Marketing Polling and Market Research data allows you to streamline this critical step so you can plan how to manage a campaign effectively.

Our Political Campaign Management Tools

Gravis Marketing has integrated traditional voting communication strategies and infused 21st century technology including:

Record a political message and with our automated calling services, send your message, in your voice, to thousands of phone numbers.
Save money and political campaign resources by using our software. Rather than staff members making individual calls, waiting for an answer and reaching a voter, or leaving a message, IVR route calls to either a live operator or recorded message based on whether a voter picks up the phone or not.
Increase the number of callers your staff and volunteers reach using Gravis Marketing’s software algorithm that automatically dials phone numbers and only connects those calls that answer to your live operators.
Gravis Marketing provides full-service call centers for campaigns that do not have the budget to staff a call center. Each call centers staff is professionally trained callers who understand the political climate during an election season. You provide the message, and we will get it out.

To reach the maximum number of voters, we provide both email and Peer to Peer (P2P) text marketing services, in addition to the traditional political direct mail marketing efforts.

Get Started Today!

Our mission is to help your campaign achieve the results you expect. Contact Gravis Marketing today at 1-800-371-3129 or 1-407-454-8600 to get a FREE consultation about effective political campaign management with one of our professional representatives and to see how a custom Political Campaign Website can bring in the votes. We look forward to working with you soon.