February 25, 2013

From reliable robocalls to high tech predictive dialing, Gravis Marketing offers state of the art telephony and political advertising solutions that is customized just for you.

Virtual Predictive Dialing (VPD)This is Gravis Marketing’s software based solution which is easily downloaded with one click of your mouse and installed automatically. With predictive dialing, you will quickly have live phone callers all over the country working in flexible schedules and equipped with scripts. The only requirement is a simple computer with windows and internet and a headset — no phone needed. 

Predictive dialing allows for efficiency at the ultimate level for your volunteers and will produce more calls and results with less volunteer hours than ever before.  Volunteers’ time to be most productive and convenient as they will now spend their time speaking to live customers and voters as opposed to dialing numbers and getting no answers or answering machines.  If there is no computer, there is a phone only feature which allows for the use of the VPD without the scripting feature.

Robocalling:  Contact ANY sized group inexpensively and more efficiently than ever before!  Manual dialing is expensive and time consuming — Gravis Marketing’s state of the art robocalls will move you ahead and get your message out! Use robocalls for political campaigns, safety alerts, school and business closings, last minute information, events and more! It’s so simple!  Simply provide us with a list (or order a list) and record your message.  In minutes, you will have made thousands of professional calls.

IVR and Patch-through Calling:  This is the big brother to autodialing.  

Add the option of the “Press 1” feature and your robocall will convert into a call with a live agent or they can be patched through to your call’s target — whether it be an elected official, your volunteer office or even to RSVP for an event.

And you now have the ability for respondents to leave a message too.  Create your outbound message and provide for them to leave a live message!  Messages can be compiled and sent to important decision makers such as senators, representatives and governors.  A real voice has the ability to make your calls a personal outreach.

Automated Polling/ Market Research: A great tool for finding out where a candidate stands,  how your competition stands, or if your constituents would allow for a sign to be placed in their yard.  Collect specific feedback from the voters that you decide to survey. The results are provided in an easily interpreted  format for quick referencing and sorting. The responses are provided to the specific respondents allowing for you to know who answered what.

Call Center Services/Live Phone Banking: Are you using a call center to handle your inbound and outbound calls?  Your competitor probably is.  Gravis Marketing has a call center in our Orlando facilities.  We can hire and manage a professional team to handle all of your live phone bank needs.

Paired with Gravis’ predictive dialing system, you won’t miss out on key votes by limiting how many possible voters your team can reach. With our political campaign communication software and systems in place, our call center is able to make hundreds (even thousands) of calls per day, per employee.

Direct Mail, E-Mail and Text Messaging DeliveryWe can generate thousands of e-mails and mass texts to your opted-in cell phone list and/or provide an e-mail list for quick and easy delivery. Tell us who you need to reach and we will give you the tools to present yourself in a timely and professional manner and get your message out.

Voter Lists and Consumer DataWe have proven vendors who have the most updated voter files. We can purchase the data and pass it along to you at a very low cost in conjunction with dialing or simply provide you with a list of your choosing.

Visit our Home Page and Contact Gravis Marketing today at 1-800-371-3129 or 1- 407-454-8600 to discover how our call center services can fulfill your campaign needs. Our political engineers are standing by to provide a FREE consultation!

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