P2P Texting: Text Out The Vote

June 17, 2019

P2p texting

P2P texting is one of the most effective ways to engage your voters with our peer-to-peer (P2P) texting service. Enhance your get-out-the-vote campaign or remind supporters of upcoming deadlines through our personalized messages.

Real P2P text messages Messages From Real People Text Out The Vote 

P2P texting means “from one person to another”. Gravis Marketing utilizes live agents with unique phone numbers to answer questions and receive feedback directly from your supporters. Our P2P messaging service avoids the generic feel of traditional campaign material by creating a two-way conversations. 

With real people sending real messages from real phone numbers, your audience will engage with your message instead of swiping it to the trash. They will feel confident that you’re reaching out to them as people instead of statistics.

Gravis P2P Texting Service vs. Traditional Material

We know that reaching your target audience is hard: emails get filtered into spam folders; automated phone calls get blocked; campaign mail gets tossed in the garbage. It’s getting more difficult to reach voters, but we at Gravis Marketing know that Americans read their text messages.

In 2018, P2P texting was responsible for an 8% increase in turnout among registered voters aged 27-50.

What this means is that our P2P texting service is targeting thousands of likely readers so you can reach them with directions to your website or fundraising information.

Targeting the Right Audience with Our Voter Lists

Voter lists are always essential. Our voter lists are kept up-to-date with the most accurate information available, making it easy to customize the target of your P2P messages without burning your budget on data collection.

If you’ve already collected your own data, we can always use your lists, customizing our service for the needs of your campaign so you can reach the right people at the right time.

Stay Organized

Gravis Marketing keeps your texting campaign clean and organized.

Use our scheduling feature and preset our agents’ responses to make getting the message out quick and efficient.

Stay Informed

Gather information from your supporters the easy way: just have them text it to you. Our automatic messaging feature can fuel your next drip campaign, taking the difficulty out of data collection and maintaining constant contact with possible voters and donors.

Whether you need to raise funds, recruit volunteers, or conduct surveys, our service can help you reach your goals.

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