Text and Political Email Services

September 3, 2014

Text and Political Email Services, Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

email marketingDid you know that it is estimated that nearly 75% of all registered voters now consider smart phones and tablets as their primary sources of communication. As such, many of today’s most successful political campaigns are actively searching for affordable ways to integrate this fact into sharing their political message with potential voters.

This is where the digital marketing experts at Gravis Marketing take over to provide an affordable and highly customize solution for political email services and text messaging services.

The political email marketing services and text message services powered by Gravis Marketing are easy to use and affordable tools that any political campaign can use to reach their targeted voting segment. However, what is not commonly known is that political email marketing and text messaging services allow you to expand your political marketing dollar by connecting with a younger, non-traditional voter.

It has been argued that President Barack Obama won the 2008 & 2012 General Election through his campaigns activation of this type of political campaign marketing – which brought younger, non-traditional votes to the table.

With the political text messaging and email messaging programs offered by Gravis Marketing, your campaign can accomplish several key marketing goals including:

  1. Broadcast your outreach to a wider voting audience and perform valuable polling and market research.
  2. Send simple automated polls through Smartphone texts, which voters can respond to with a quick push of a button.
  3. Keep voters updated on campaign events, initiatives and results.
  4. Connect with votes on a personal basis and capture technically savvy voters that never pay attention to printed materials.

Our political direct mail and email marketing campaign packages are filled with accurate, factual and relevant data – targeted directly to your constituents. This means it’s not regarded as spam and voters will actually see your emails in their in-box. Add our detailed voter lists to your email marketing package and truly expand your potential reach.

logoSince 2010, Gravis Marketing has been a pioneer in developing powerful online marketing tools and resources that power several of today’s most successful campaigns. We have specifically designed our Gravis Marketing outreach software and systems to handle the high volume of messaging that political campaigns require. When a political email is sent to voters, we ensure that it’s written clearly, looks polished, and, most importantly, it’s sent and delivered through a reliable service.

Today’s voter is savvy – and the campaigns that roll with technology and infuse all aspects of communication into their voter targeting efforts are the ones that often achieve success. Contact Gravis Marketing today to learn about our political email marketing and political text messaging services.

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