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Telephone Townhalls
Telephone Townhalls

Gravis Marketing Telephone Townhalls

Bring the ancient tradition of political townhall meetings into the 21st century, with the help of Gravis Marketing’s Telephone Town Hall Meetings. Using Gravis Marketing’s proprietary technology, your campaign or organization can conduct virtual townhall meetings from anywhere, without sacrificing the quality of the interaction you expect with your donors, volunteers, supporters and voters.

The traditional townhall meeting model is suffering in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In-person events may be sparsely attended in your district due to health concerns — but that doesn’t change the fact that it provides poor optics for a campaign, right when you want to be showing momentum. Gravis Marketing’s Telephone Town Hall Meetings provide a safe and effective alternative to in-person townhall meetings. 

Telephone Town Halls allow you to engage with thousands of listeners in real time, while receiving immediate feedback. With Gravis Marketing’s proprietary tools and highly trained staff, we do all the heavy lifting for your campaign. Coordinate a Telephone Town Hall with your email campaigns, direct mail messaging, text messaging, phone lists and other media for a seamlessly integrated experience.

Benefits of Gravis Marketing Telephone Town Halls:

  • Real-time polling and data gathering from phone participants, integrated with your Gravis Marketing account
  • Gravis’ system can handle millions of callers with no distractions – a captivated audience for your message
  • Pre-screening of attendees and all attendee questions – participants shielded from abusive callers, spammers and trolls
  • Customized RSVP and attendance reminders sent to supporters before the live call-in
  • Save time & money – no need to book a venue, pay for security or other costs associated with in-person townhalls
  • Field last-minute questions from undecided voters
  • …And much more!

Whether you are running for local or national office, Gravis Marketing’s virtual townhalls can be a powerful asset in your campaign’s toolbox. Political candidates, 501(c)3 and (c)4 non-profits, political action committees (PACs), political consultants, public affairs organizations and even corporate clients have used Gravis Marketing Telephone Town Halls for critical data gathering and messaging.

Campaigns & Organizations That Benefit from Telephone Town Halls:

  • National Political Campaigns: Connect with voters in a targeted district — even if you’re campaigning on the road somewhere else!
  • Local Political Campaigns: Engage remotely with local voters — no need to rent a venue, saving your campaign money & saving voters’ travel time
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Stay connected with donors, volunteers and likeminded organizations
  • Labor Unions & Consumer Groups: Communicate with members & conduct real-time polling on important issues
  • Fortune 500 & Online Businesses: Conduct group calls with product vendors, consumer groups, public affairs & more
  • Local Governments: Inform taxpayers, business groups & others of important local events
  • Sports Teams: Interact with season ticket holders & super fans through telephone town halls

The Gravis Marketing Difference

Gravis Marketing is here to help propel your campaign across the finish line! You can engage with potentially millions of followers through a professionally managed Gravis Marketing Telephone Town Hall.

Receive a free campaign consultation today by calling toll free in the US at (800) 371-3129 or (407) 454-8600internationally. Or, fill out our online Contact Us form to hear from us within 24 hours. We look forward to serving your campaign needs!