Voice Broadcasting Service

September 21, 2014

Reach YOUR Target Audience with YOUR Voice

Robocalls and Predictive Dialing WorldwideConnecting with potential voters, customers and clients is always much more effective when you integrate a personal touch. In general, people become more at ease and trusting when there is a one-on-one connection. This is why Gravis Marketing offers targeted Voice Broadcasting services that permit political campaigns, businesses, non-profit organizations and community groups to capture accurate data during their voice activated marketing efforts.

Gravis Marketing has pioneered the marketing industry in recent years with technical advancements that provide campaigns with effective tools and a voice broadcasting service with software to better reach their intended audience. However, as branding and public relations experts, we also comprehend the benefit of personal connection – which is why we’ve developed a voice broadcasting service that can be customized to enhance your marketing and research efforts.

Voice Broadcasting with Gravis Marketing provides a political campaign, business, non-profit or any organization with several benefits including:

  • Effectively connect with your target on a personal level.
  • Affordably streamline your target marketing efforts.
  • Provides you with complete control to customize your message to evolving changes in the political, economic or social landscape.
  • Reaches both International and Domestic Audiences.
  • Integrates Gravis Marketing Predictive Dialing to maximize your returns, convert leads into sales and capture accurate marketing data.

Gravis Marketing offers our clients a voice broadcasting platform designed to handle thousands of calls. We use voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), which means your survey, poll, political campaign, or non-profit program can make more meaningful contacts in less time AND achieve greater results.

Personalize Options for Live Callers or Answering Machines

People do NOT like cookie cutter messages. It’s even worse when your voice recording is stale, generic and non-interactive. This is why Gravis Marketing offers you the luxury of customizing personalized voice messaging for either live caller interaction or answering machines. When the call receiver answers their phone, they have the option to ‘Press 1″ for more information. This activates the multiple voice recording options. When a caller does not answer, the default answering machine recording is then activated.

  • Issue alerts, notifications and voter reminder messages.
  • Contact political or non-profit supports about upcoming fundraisers using automated calls.
  • Raise awareness about political or social issues.
  • Reach ANY sized group inexpensively and more efficiently.

Robo-CallsManual dialing is expensive, labor intensive and time consuming. Our customized voice messaging services which can be easily activated through use of Gravis Marketing’s robocall service will accelerate your campaign connection programs forward to levels of success you expect to achieve. Contact our team today to learn more about the Gravis Marketing Voice Broadcasting services today.

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