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3 Stages For A Successful Campaign

Top strategies for winning campaigns rely upon the commitment to prioritizing services that are essential to each voting/campaign cycle. Your Gravis consultant is your expert at customizing your winning strategy for each cycle you complete.

Gravis Marketing’s campaign lifecycle management has three simple yet effective stages. To begin:

Stage #1

Often ends up falling around one year before election day. This stage includes the allocation of campaign finances, strategies become ironed out, and a website is developed and launched.

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Stage #2

Begins around the four-month mark, right before election day. Around this stage, the focus on enhancing voter engagement is vital, followed by an assessment, door-to-door canvassing, and personal appearances. Updates to your marketing creatives should be designed and launched as well. These creatives include video, print, and more.

Stage #3

Somewhere between 45 and 60 days before election day, the main focus is on votes. This focus includes voter registration, early voting, vote by mail, Get Out The Vote, etc. This stage is when all of the efforts put forth over the last years come to fruition, and a successful campaign is earned and won.

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