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May 7, 2014

Political Consultants

Political Campaigning is all about effective visibility. Simply placing signs in the yards of your friends and supporters won’t effectively get your message across to potential voters. In fact, campaigns today need to find creative ways of creating political yard signs that not only articulate your vision and platform – but also scientifically connect with your voting demographic.

This is where Gravis Marketing accelerates over the competition.

Our political yard signs are designed by award winning brand development experts, infusing creative color and font choices that both stimulate consumers – but also attract people to want to learn more. Our political consultant team and professional writing staff also work with our design team to craft a powerful and target rich political advertisement medium that not only visually captures – but also helps convert people to vote for you on Election Day.

What Gravis Marketing Offers

Yard-SignsGravis Marketing provides a full range of yard sign services that will showcase your name and a marketing slogan that will be easier for voters to remember and connect. This strategy can give you the edge due to the fact that many voters cast their ballots for candidates they remember and ones with a positive image attached to their names. It’s Brand Development 101 – and we’ve taken a proactive approach by integrating this proven marketing philosophy into our political campaign sign development services.

Our design team can assist you and your campaign with designing and creating a yard sign that will draw attention to your name and message. Use existing templates or create your own design based on your campaign needs. The fast turnaround times and competitive pricing will enable you to use signs to promote your campaign, market events, community fundraisers and other campaign activities.

Benefits of Political Campaign Yard Signs

  1. Political scientist Mel Kahn estimates that every yard sign placed during a campaign will increase voter recognition by 6 to 10 voters.
  2. Volunteers and supporters of the candidate love yard sign marketing campaigns because it gives them something tangible they can do to promote the candidate.
  3. Yard signs are a cost effective way to bring familiarity with your name if placed along busy streets and in prominent locations.
  4. Proper placement and design are essential to converting people that see your sign into passionate voters that will choose your name on Election Day.
  5. Political yard signs are an indirect method of reaching voters. This can prime the voter for direct contact, which is more powerful with regard to voter turnout and a voter casting a vote for a particular candidate.
  6. Through the yard sign a voter recognizes the candidate’s name. Then when the voter sees a TV commercial, a press release or a local event the candidate is attending, the voter is more likely to pay attention to the message.

Political Campaigning – whether at the local or National level is successful by marketing through the best channels that reach voters who come to the polls and cast votes. Yard signs builds name recognition and campaign momentum so that other messages are received in a positive light. They are an essential part of a campaigns marketing strategy. Take the lead over your competition – work with Gravis Marketing to develop political yard signs that will elevate your campaign to levels of success you expect to achieve.

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